Maastricht Randwyck railway station

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Maastricht Randwyck
Station Maastricht-Randwyck1.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 50°50′15″N 5°43′03″E / 50.83750°N 5.71750°E / 50.83750; 5.71750Coordinates: 50°50′15″N 5°43′03″E / 50.83750°N 5.71750°E / 50.83750; 5.71750
Line(s) Liège–Maastricht railway
Opened 1987
Preceding station   Arriva   Following station
Terminus Sneltrein 32100
2x/hour; Not on late evenings and Sunday mornings
toward Heerlen
Stoptrein 32000
toward Roermond
Stoptrein 32400
toward Hasselt
IC 13
IC 13
Maastricht Randwyck is located in the Netherlands
Maastricht Randwyck
Maastricht Randwyck
Location within the Netherlands

Maastricht Randwyck also spelt Randwijck is a suburban railway station in Maastricht, Netherlands.


The station opened on 31 May 1987 and is located on the Liège–Maastricht railway. Two services, by Nederlandse Spoorwegen and Veolia Transport, terminate at this station.

Near the station is the MECC Conference Centre, Academic Hospital Maastricht and parts of Maastricht University.

Between December 2006 and December 2011 Randwyck was the southernmost active railway station in the Netherlands, as the further south Eijsden station was closed during this time.

Train services[edit]

The following services currently call at Maastricht Randwyck:

  • 2x per hour local services (sprinter) Maastricht Randwyck - Sittard - Roermond
  • 2x per hour local services (stoptrein) Maastricht Randwyck - Heerlen - Kerkrade Centrum
  • 1x per hour Local services (stoptrein) Hasselt - Liers - Liège - Visè - Maastricht (weekdays)
  • 1x per hour Local services (stoptrein) Liège - Visè - Maastricht (weekends)


  • 1 - Roermond
  • 2 - through trains only
  • 3 - Kerkrade Centrum

Bus services[edit]

The following bus services depart from the bus stop outside the station:

  • 4 - Villapark – City Centre – Maastricht NS – HeerMaastricht Randwijck NS – Hospital (2x per hour, 1x per hour After 7pm)
  • 10 - Pottenberg – City Centre – Maastricht NS – Heer – Maastricht Randwijck NS – AZM Hospital
  • 150 - City Centre – Maastricht NS – Ceramique – Maastricht Randwijck NS – Heer – MargratenGulpen

The following bus service departs from Endepolsdomein bus stop near the rail station:

  • 8 - City Centre – Maastricht NS – Endepolsdomein – AZM Hospital – Eijsden
  • 66 - Oud Cabergh – City Centre – Maastricht NS – Endepolsdomein – AZM Hospital – EijsdenMesch

Also near this rail station is bus stop Forum/MECC, from which a number of buses depart towards the city centre.

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