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Maat International title.jpg
As shows on Indian channel Zee Zindagi
Written byUmera Ahmed
Directed byAmna Nawaz Khan
StarringSaba Qamar
Adnan Siddiqui
Aamina Sheikh(For entire cast see below)
Theme music composerLyrics
Sabir Zafar
Farrukh Abid
Shoaib Farrukh
Opening themeMaat by Muhammad Ali
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
No. of episodes25
Executive producer(s)Asfar Sanjrani
Producer(s)Momina Duraid
CinematographyShehzad Kashmiri
Running timeApprox. 40 minutes
Production company(s)MD Productions
Original networkHum TV
Original release9 September 2011 –
24 February 2012
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Maat (Urdu: مات‎) (meaning defeat) is a Pakistani teledrama broadcast on Hum TV which premiered on 9 September 2011. The drama is based on an Urdu novel of the same name by Umera Ahmed. Maat's last episode was telecasted on 24 February 2012. It is the thirteenth highest-rated Pakistani television series.[1]

Maat was also aired in Iran & Turkey under the title Maat, premiering on 19 July 2014. The show ended its run in Iran on 12 August 2014. It has again been shown three more times in Turkey due to its popularity. It was also aired in India under the same title on Zindagi TV.[2][3][4]


Saman and Aiman are sisters who belong to a lower-middle-class family. Aiman is kind, polite and deeply respects her elders. Saman, who is younger than Aiman, is overambitious and believes she can give maat (defeat) to anyone at any time. Faisal is enchanted with Saman's beauty and, despite his engagement to Aiman, proposes to Saman; she refuses, but his improving financial situation changes her mind.

The marriage is uneasy due to Saman's demanding nature, but the couple have a son (whom they name Hadid). Saman can barely handle her child, with Aiman fulfilling the role of caretaker. Saman soon begins an affair with Faisal's business partner, Azar, whom she finds richer than her husband. After an incident where Saman's attitude against her mother-in-law leads to Faisal slapping her, Saman files for divorce. Around the same time, Azar breaks his partnership with Faisal. Leaving her family heartbroken , Saman enjoys her life with her new husband. Meanwhile, Aiman's mother and aunt decide to get Faisal and Aiman married.

Twenty-five years later, Hadid has grown to be a successful 27-year-old bachelor. Unknown to Aiman, Faisal has begun an affair with Saman after Azar's death. After being lied to about Hadid wanting Saman back, a heartbroken Aiman leaves. Meanwhile, Saman once again marries Faisal. Hadid, after learning of these events, is enraged and accuses Saman of returning only when there was nothing left for her in her old life; he also disowns his father. Hadid brings Aiman home who, although resistant at first, realizes her son was never at fault.

Four years later, Hadid has a wife and son, and Aiman lives with them. She receives a call from Saman, who apologizes on her and Faisal's behalf, having grown tired of their isolation. Aiman forgives them, but reminds Saman their misery was of her own doing. With this she hangs up, happy with the feeling that she had finally given maat to Saman after all.


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