Maayke Se Bandhi Dor

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Maayke Se Bandhi Dor
मायके से बंधी डोर
Logo of Maayke Se Bandhi Dor
Also known as Dor
Created by UTV Software Communications
Written by Rajesh Patel
Zarina Mehta
Directed by Rajesh Patel
Starring See Below
Opening theme Maayke Se Bandhi Dor
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 170
Producer(s) Zarina Mehta
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) UTV Software Communications
Original network STAR Plus
Picture format

576i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)
Original release 14 February – 2 October 2011
Related shows Kolangal
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Maayke Se Bandhi Dor is a soap opera that aired on Star Plus. It is based on the Tamil serial Kolangal. The show ran from 14 February 2011 to 2 October 2011 and was eventually replaced by Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. The show was also broadcast on a television channel in Afghanistan called Ariana TV.


Set against a Marathi backdrop, Mayake Se Bandhi Dor is a tale about Avani, a character who is struggling against the social conventions that affect women in India. The show focuses on the themes of a woman's powers of forgiveness and pliability.

Avani is the sole bread-winner of her family and must support her mother, her brother, and her two sisters. Her mother is desperate to get her married but Avani has other plans. She wants to find homes and happiness for her brother and her two sisters first. At her mother's insistence, Avani finally agrees to give marriage a chance, but only on two conditions. The first condition is that she be able to continue to work after the marriage. The second condition is that she be able to continue to provide her salary to her family.

Avani meets Bhaskar who accepts her conditions and they agree to marry. The festivities begin but Bhaskar and his family have ulterior motives. They want to be the beneficiaries of Avani’s high salary and her affluent relatives, Kaka and Boss. Later, Bhaskar relents and asks Avani for forgiveness. Avani forgives him and they restart their relationship. Bhaskar's mother, Aii still hates Avani, however, because she thinks that Avani is stealing her son away from her. Then Avani sees her father alive, and Lata finds out that Aditi is gone so Avani and Bhaskar go to her house. Kartik and Abha marry. In the end, Avani forgives her father and Kaveri.

Maayke Se Bandhi Dor ended on 2 October 2011, having aired 170 episodes.



Main Leads
Additional Cast

Anjan Srivastava as Mangesh


Maayke Se Bandhi Dor is India's first television serial to be broadcast in Dolby 5.1 surround, mixed in Dolby surround by Nitin kumar gupta. The Dolby telecast of Dor started on 18 March 2011.