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For the Luo language, see Mabaan language.
Chad, South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic
Linguistic classification Nilo-Saharan?
  • Maba–Kunama?
    • Maban
Glottolog maba1274[1]

The Maban languages are a small family of languages which have been included in the proposed Nilo-Saharan family. Maban languages are spoken in Chad, the Central African Republic, Sudan (Darfur), and South Sudan, and includes the following languages:

The languages attested in two word lists labelled "Mimi", collected by Decorse (Mimi-D) and Nachtigal (Mimi-N), have also been classified as Maban, though this has been contested. Mimi-N appears to have been remotely related to Maban proper, while Mimi-D appears to have not been Maban at all, with the similarities due to language contact with locally dominant Maba.


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