Mabel Island

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Mabel Island
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 17°12′36″S 146°04′41″E / 17.210°S 146.078°E / -17.210; 146.078Coordinates: 17°12′36″S 146°04′41″E / 17.210°S 146.078°E / -17.210; 146.078
Area 0.03 km2 (0.012 sq mi)
State Queensland

Mabel Island in North Queensland, Australia is part of the Frankland Islands 30 km north-east of Babinda, and south-west of Cairns. It is around 3 hectares or 0.03 square km in size.[1]

The Frankland Islands are teeming with permanent and migratory marine life, especially the Green Sea Turtle which nests on the island. Normanby Island, part of the Frankland Islands group offers a comprehensive reef system with a tropical island.

A Green Sea Turtle(Chelonia mydas)

The islands are very popular with reef tour operators working from Cairns.