Mabo (film)

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Directed by Rachel Perkins
Written by Sue Smith
Starring Jimi Bani
Deborah Mailman
Release date
  • 9 June 2012 (2012-06-09) (Australia)
Country Australia
Language English

Mabo is an Australian docudrama TV film, released in 2012, which relates the successful legal battle waged by Torres Strait Islander man Eddie Koiki Mabo to bring about native land title legislation. The title role is played by Jimi Bani and that of his wife, Bonita Mabo, by Deborah Mailman.[1] The film was written by Sue Smith and directed by Rachel Perkins. It was produced by the ABC and Blackfella Films with the assistance of SBS and filmed at Mer Island (Torres Strait), Magnetic Island, Brisbane and Canberra. It premiered at the Sydney Film Festival 2012.[2][3]



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