MacArthur Bridge (Detroit)

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MacArthur Bridge
MacArthur Bridge (Detroit).jpg
Carries 5 lanes of East Grand Blvd.
Crosses Detroit River
Locale Detroit, Michigan and Belle Isle, Michigan
Official name Douglas MacArthur Bridge
Other name(s) Belle Isle Bridge
Design Arch bridge
Total length 2,193 feet (668 m)
Width 85 feet (26 m)
Clearance below 30 feet (9 m)
Opened September 1, 1923

The MacArthur Bridge is a bridge that spans the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Belle Isle. The bridge, which features nineteen total arches across 2,193 feet (668 m), provides main access to Belle Isle. Completed in 1923 for $2,635,000 USD, it replaced a mostly wooden bridge that accidentally caught fire and was destroyed in 1915. The bridge, once known as the Belle Isle Bridge, was later renamed the Douglas MacArthur Bridge after General Douglas MacArthur in 1942. It was restored in 1986 at a cost of $11.5 million.[1]

In 1913, William Edmund Scripps (of the Scripps publishing family), flew a Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company flying boat underneath the original Belle Isle Bridge.[2]

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