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Mac Artáin
McCartan Arms
Country Kingdom of Ulster
Parent house Ulaid (Dál nAraidi)
Cadet branches Magennis (Guinness)

McCartan is a surname of Irish origins. Derived from Mac Artáin, which denotes the son of Artán, the surname was taken by chiefs of Kinelarty in County Down. The surname lost its prefix to become Carton, Cartin, Carten and Cartan in parts of France. Anthony McCartan, one of the chiefs of Kinelarty (McCarton's County) was selectively chosen to accompany King James I to France duly requested in consideration of the McCartan bloodline excelling in the arts of combat. It is from the 1500's onwards that when in France faced with the free flowing elegance of the soft language, The inclusion of the prefix Mc had only Gaelic necessity, meaning Son of. The surname (Cartan) is unquestionably a true derivative of McCartan. Interestingly, there is a tomb in Lille which was the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle, inscribed with none other than the McCartan surname.

The McCartans belong to the Uí Echach Cobo branch of the Dál nAraidi dynasty of the Cruthin,[1] and thus are kin to the Magennis family, once Lords of Iveagh. The McCartans were also once Lords of Iveagh. French President Charles de Gaulle is directly descended from the clan through his Grandmother Angélique McCartan.


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