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MacFamilyTree Icon.png
MacFamilyTree running under Mac OS X
MacFamilyTree running under Mac OS X
Developer(s)Synium Software
Initial releaseAugust 10, 1998; 22 years ago (1998-08-10)[1]
Stable release
9.1.2[2] / July 30, 2019; 14 months ago (2019-07-30)
Operating systemMac OS X (10.10 Yosemite), iOS
Available inEnglish, German, Danish, French, Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Brazilian (not Portuguese), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian
TypeGenealogy Software
License commercial, proprietary

MacFamilyTree is a commercial genealogy program for Mac OS X which helps users build their family tree, adding data about family members, including pictures and sound clips.[3][4] The program allows the user to add sources for the information, with the ability of including scanned documents.[5] It uses the Core Data API to store information internally but can import and export to the genealogy standard GEDCOM format.[6][7] The program can also create a set of web pages for family members, and optionally upload them to their website, or to iDisk, to share with others.[6][8]

MacFamilyTree also creates various types of diagrams, from the classic descendant chart to timelines and a virtual globe showing the locations of key events in the lives of family members. Reports can also be created for individual people, or families.[9][8] A mobile companion to it, MobileFamilyTree Pro is also available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users, and allows users to view and edit their family tree and synchronize it with MacFamilyTree.[10][11]

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