MacGregor State High School

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MacGregor State High School
Coordinates27°33′56″S 153°04′36″E / 27.5655°S 153.0766°E / -27.5655; 153.0766Coordinates: 27°33′56″S 153°04′36″E / 27.5655°S 153.0766°E / -27.5655; 153.0766
TypeIndependent public, co-educational, secondary, day school
MottoThe Best We Can Be
PrincipalLiz Foster
Colour(s)Red, white and green

MacGregor State High School (MSHS) is an independent public,[1] co-educational, state secondary school, located in MacGregor, a southeastern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland Australia. The current principal is Liz Foster and there are currently around 1,400[2] students who are enrolled in the school.


As with most Australian schools,[citation needed] MacGregor State High utilises a house system, of which is referred to as a 'clan system'. There are currently four clans - Alpin (Blue), Duncan (Yellow), Gregor (Green) and Rob Roy (Red).


In recent years, the school has won awards in a variety of fields. There were the Education Minister's Awards for Excellence in Art (2004, 2006), the BHP Billiton Science Award (Physics, Engineering & Technology) (2001) and the Queensland Youth Music Awards (2006).[3]


MacGregor have competed in Maths Team challenge every year placing 2nd in the 2007 Junior and Senior division. MacGregor State High School also competes in local academic competitions such as the Physics Olympiad and Big Science Challenge.[citation needed]

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Springfield Street side entrance.

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