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Developer Carnegie Mellon University
OS family Unix-like
Working state Legacy / discontinued
Source model Proprietary
Marketing target researchers and hobbyists
Platforms Macintosh
Kernel type Microkernel
Userland 4.3BSD
Default user interface console
License 4.3BSD, Mach 2.5
Succeeded by MkLinux, OS X, PureDarwin

MacMach is a computer operating system from the early 1990s, developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Architecturally, it consists of 4.3BSD code running on the Mach microkernel, with the Macintosh System 7 running experimentally as a Mach task. The entire system runs on Macintoshes based on the Motorola 68k family of microprocessors. Its license requires the user to have an AT&T UNIX license, in addition to Apple, Inc.'s restriction against further redistribution.[1][2][3]

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