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DeveloperCarnegie Mellon University
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateLegacy / discontinued
Source modelProprietary
Marketing targetresearchers and hobbyists
Kernel typeMicrokernel
Default user interfaceconsole
License4.3BSD, Mach 2.5
Succeeded byMkLinux, OS X, PureDarwin

MacMach is a computer operating system from the early 1990s, developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Architecturally, it consists of 4.3BSD code running on the Mach microkernel, with the Macintosh System 7 running experimentally as a Mach task. The entire system runs on Macintoshes based on the Motorola 68k family of microprocessors. Its license requires the user to have an AT&T UNIX license, in addition to Apple, Inc.'s restriction against further redistribution.[1][2][3]

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