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Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
News, information, and rumors related to Apple Inc.
Registration Not needed to view site and forums but needed for posting on the forums.
Owner, LLC
Created by Arnold Kim
Editor Eric Slivka
Launched February 24, 2000
Alexa rank
negative increase 1,387 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Active is a website that aggregates Mac and Apple related news, rumors, and reports. The site was launched February 24, 2000 in Richmond, Virginia, and is owned by Arnold Kim.[2][3] By consolidating reports and cross-referencing claims, MacRumors attempts to keep track of the rumor community. The tagline of MacRumors is "News and Rumors You Care About." The website is updated weekdays with new rumors, with most updates starting in the morning of east coast United States time. During breaking news, updates are posted during the weekend and after hours.

MacRumors is also home to one of the largest Mac-focused forum sites, with over 950,000 members and over 20,000,000 forum posts as of April 2015.[4] Users can find support for many Apple-related issues, as well as talk to other Mac users about other community and industry related issues.

In addition to providing rumors, news, and an active forum, MacRumors also serves as sites for broadcasting live coverage of Apple announcements via

The site has become increasingly popular since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and with the debut of the iPad in 2010, although has been criticized in reporting iPod and iPhone related stories when the site is named after the 'Mac' side of Apple. As a result, the URL "" forwards to

Arnold Kim currently holds the title of Editorial Director, with Eric Slivka taking on the role of Editor in Chief.


As of April 30, 2012, according to Quantcast, MacRumors receives an average 65,890,912 page views globally per month, and 7,567,679 visitors per month globally.[5] Traffic to the website often increases dramatically during Apple events, such as WWDC. As of early January 2015, the canvas tracker AddThis (domain via littlesnitch) cannot be blocked or access to MacRumors will be denied.

IRC channel[edit]

MacRumors has an Official "Internet Relay Chat" Channel where current events are discussed "Real Time". It is also a place where many Mac users seek assistance from other proficient Mac users. The channel is moderated by "Operators" who provide assistance as well as discussion of many topics. Topics are not limited to "Mac" only conversations. Anything Apple Related is welcomed, and often general "Technical" questions can also be answered here.

The channel can be found at #macrumors

Buyer's Guide[edit]

The site has a specialized guide for knowing when to buy new Apple products based on release times. They have tracked new releases of Apple's biggest products since as early as 2002 and keep a running tab of how long the average refresh cycle is for each product. From the "Days Since Update" and average time between refreshes, they recommend if you should buy a product now or not, ranging from "Don't Buy - Updates soon" to "Buy Now! - Product just updated." [6]

Macworld 2009 coverage incident[edit]

During the Macworld 2009 keynote live coverage, it was discovered that administrator interface to was not protected, which allowed people to disrupt the feed. The first non-related post, at 9.24am PST stated "STEVE JOBS JUST DIED :". A few minutes later, the administrators acknowledged the message and stated they didn't know how this entered the stream. This was quickly followed by hundreds more foul comments and language, and the feed was promptly shut down. MacRumorsLive remained offline until the iPhone 3.0 event.

In a statement following the incident, Arnold Kim stated: "The MacRumorsLive feed was compromised as described. The cause of the security breach is best described as "user error" due to admin files being inadvertently mirrored across multiple server instances with incorrect permissions. This allowed php code to be displayed rather than executed, which was clearly a "bad thing". Our actual admin panel is password protected, of course."[7]

2011 New Design and Features[edit]

On Thursday 12 May 2011 the site was given a graphical refresh and the following features added:

  • Full RSS Feeds - All existing RSS subscribers have been automatically upgraded to full content feeds.
  • Page Load Times - Pages to load faster and the site will be able to handle more traffic.
  • Content Changes - The content of the MacRumors front page will remain the same. It will aim to highlight the most significant iOS and Mac news and rumors. Page 2 has been retired and has been replaced with a Mac Blog, and an iPhone Blog which expands to cover iOS and iPad topics.

Also, new RSS feed options have been made available:

  • All MacRumors Stories
  • Front Page - Existing subscribers have been upgraded to this feed.
  • Mac Blog - Existing Page 2 subscribers have been upgraded to this feed.
  • iOS Blog - Existing iPhone subscribers have been upgraded to this feed.

Current Editors[edit]

Position(s) Name(s)
Editorial Director Arnold Kim
Editor-in-Chief Eric Slivka
Editors Juli Clover
Joe Rossignol
Marianne Schultz
Contributing Editors Husain Sumra
Jordan Golson

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