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The MacTier Cup is the name of the championship for the Rugby Canada Super League (RCSL) and the name of the trophy awarded to the victorious team. The MacTier Cup was established in 1998 along with the RCSL. The first MacTier Cup Championship match was played between the Vancouver Island Crimson Tide and the Nova Scotia Keiths. Vancouver Island defeated Halifax in that game. The champions of the final RCSL championship were the Newfoundland Rock, who won the cup in 2008 after defeating the Calgary Mavericks 30–6.

Since 2009, the Cup has been awarded to the winners of the Canadian Rugby Championship (CRC) most recently Ontario Blues, who defeated The Rock.


Year Champion Score Runner-up
1998 Vancouver Island Crimson Tide - Nova Scotia Keiths
1999 Vancouver Island Crimson Tide (2) 23–11 Toronto Renegades
2000 Fraser Valley Venom 15–9 Nova Scotia Keltics
2001 Fraser Valley Venom (2) 20–14 Toronto Renegades
2002 Vancouver Island Crimson Tide (3) 6–3 Newfoundland Rock
2003 Calgary Mavericks 40–24 Toronto Xtreme
2004 Vancouver Island Crimson Tide (4) 14–8 Newfoundland Rock
2005 Newfoundland Rock 26–13 Saskatchewan Prairie Fire
2006 Newfoundland Rock (2) 28–14 Saskatchewan Prairie Fire
2007 Saskatchewan Prairie Fire 28–12 Niagara Thunder
2008 Newfoundland Rock (3) 30–6 Calgary Mavericks
2009 British Columbia Bears (1) '- Ontario Blues
2010 The Rock (1) '- Prairie Wolf Pack
2011 Ontario Blues (1) 21–19 The Rock
2012 Ontario Blues (2) '- Prairie Wolf Pack
2013 Ontario Blues (3) '- Prairie Wolf Pack
2014 Ontario Blues (4) '- Prairie Wolf Pack
2015[1] Prairie Wolf Pack(1) 33-25 Ontario Blues