MacUser (US edition)

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MacUser 1985 premier cover.jpg
Premier edition front cover
CategoriesComputing, Macintosh
Final issue1997
CompanyZiff Davis
CountryUnited States

MacUser was a monthly computer magazine published by Ziff Davis in the United States, while the UK edition was published by Dennis Publishing.

History and profile[edit]

MacUser started publication in late 1985[1] as a four-color monthly and contained general interest Mac articles. In 1986 the magazine was acquired by Ziff Davis.[2][3] It had reviews and regular columns for novice and experienced users with a more humorous view of the Macintosh world than other publications of the time. Games were reviewed and well as business and productivity software. A unique feature, not available in other publications, was the inclusion of about 250 capsule reviews in each edition.[4]

The initial cover price was $3.50 with an annual subscription of $23 per year or $42 for two-years.[4]

In 1997, the publication was absorbed into Macworld as Macworld, incorporating MacUser (a name reflected subtly on the magazine's Table of Contents page) reflecting a consolidation of the Ziff Davis-owned MacUser magazine into the International Data Group-owned Macworld within the new Mac Publishing joint venture between the two publishers.[5]

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