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Mac Brandt
Occupation Television actor

Mac Brandt is an American actor. He is a native of the Chicago area and a 1998 graduate of Montini Catholic High School where he served as President of the Student Government and starting Nose Guard of the football team.


He has portrayed men name "Mack" and "Mick" more than once.

Film roles[edit]

Game roles[edit]

Recurring TV roles[edit]

  • Prison Break - Mack Andrews Andrews (2005-6)
  • Grey's Anatomy - Paramedic 2 in "Sweet Surrender", Paramedic 3 in "Drowning On Dry Land", "A Change is Gonna Come" and "What a Difference a Day Makes"
  • Arrested Development - Coast Guardsman in "Queen Bee", "Borderline Personalities", "Indian Takers" and "Colony Collapse"
  • Kingdom - Mac Sullivan (2014-2016)
  • The Night Shift - Mac Reily/Reilly in "Sunrise, Sunset" (2015) and "Burned" and "Emergent" (both 2016)
  • Longmire - Duncan Butler in "A Fog That Won't Lift" and "One Good Memory"
  • Colony - Sgt. Jenkins (2017)

One-shot TV roles[edit]

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