Mac Diarmada

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Mac Diarmada
Parent houseConnachta (The Bridge Bar)
CountryKingdom of Connacht
FounderDermot mac Tadhg Mor
Final rulerTadhg mac Diarmata
  • King of Moylurg

Mac Diarmada (anglicised as MacDermot or McDermott), also spelled Mac Diarmata, is an Irish surname, and the surname of the ruling dynasty of Moylurg, a kingdom that existed in Connacht from the 10th to 16th centuries. The last ruling king was Tadhg mac Diarmata, who ruled until 1585.

Naming conventions[edit]

Male Daughter Wife (Long) Wife (Short)
Mac Diarmada Nic Dhiarmada Bean Mhic Dhiarmada Mhic Dhiarmada


The progenitor of the family was Dermot mac Tadhg Mor, 7th King of Moylurg, who reigned from 1124 to 1159. He was a vassal and kinsman of the Ó Conchubhair, Kings of Connacht; their common ancestor was Tadg mac Cathal, King of Connacht from 925 to 956. They were based at McDermott's Castle, Lough Key.

Later offshoot septs of the dynasty included the families of MacDermot Roe.

Moylurg ceased to exist as a kingdom in the late 16th century, though the senior line of the MacDermot's continued to live a sometime poverty-stricken and precarious existence despite land confiscations and the oppression of the Penal Laws. During this era they were popularly accorded the title Prince of Coolavin;[citation needed] the current incumbent is Francis MacDermot,[citation needed] who succeeded by birthright to his father Rory MacDermot who died on 6 May 2021.[1][citation needed]


Variations of the name include :

and others.







  • McDermott Field, a baseball stadium in Idaho that was replaced by Melaleuca Field
  • McDermott, Ohio, a census-designated place in western Rush Township, Scioto County, Ohio, United States.[3]

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