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Mac Guff
Industry Visual effects
Founded 1988 as MGL Studio
1994 as Mac Guff
Founder Jacques Bled
Headquarters Paris, France
Products Animated films

Mac Guff (also known as Mac Guff Ligne) is a French visual effects company based in both Los Angeles, USA and Paris, France, where it is headquartered. Mac Guff specializes in the creation of computer-generated imagery for commercials, music videos and feature films. 270 graphic artists, vfx supervisors and producers, computer engineers and administrators are usually working on 100+ million files (for Despicable Me). In mid-2011, the company was split in two, and the animation department has been acquired by Illumination Entertainment (Universal Studios). The new company is named "Illumination Mac Guff" and has capital worth 3.2 million euros.[1][2]

Company name[edit]

The company name Mac Guff was inspired by the term MacGuffin. The director and producer Alfred Hitchcock popularized both the term "MacGuffin" and the technique.

Animated productions[edit]



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