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Mac Yasuda (Makoto Yasuda 保田誠, 1949-) is one of the world's foremost vintage-guitar collectors. He is a California-based guitar dealer and a friend of the actor Steven Seagal. Born in Nishinomiya, Japan, he started off running an English language school in Kobe in the 1970s and eventually became one of the largest vintage guitar dealers/collectors in the United States.

Yasuda was also an executive in the organization of Akira Tsumura (津村昭), the heir to the Japanese Tsumura & Co. (ツムラ) built on their bath salt "basukurin" which is a household name over there. Akira Tsumura also is a known guitar collector and was disgraced in an abuse of corporate office scandal in 1997.

Yasuda has published 3 vintage guitar photobooks in Japan so far;