Macabre (1980 film)

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Macabre (1980 film).jpg
Directed by Lamberto Bava
Produced by
Screenplay by
Starring Bernice Stegers
Stanko Molnar
Veronica Zinny
Roberto Posse
Elisa Kadigia Bove
Music by Ubaldo Continiello[1]
Cinematography Franco Delli Colli[1]
Edited by Piera Gabutti[1]
  • AMA Film
  • Medusa Distribuzione[1]
Release date
Country Italy[1]

Macabre (Italian: Macabro) is a 1980 Italian horror film directed by Lamberto Bava.


A New Orleans wife and mother carries on a torrid affair behind her family's back. But when a violent accident leaves her lover dead, the woman returns from a mental institution determined to pursue her forbidden desires. Has she found a ghastly new way to satisfy her lust, or is sexual depravity all in the head?


  • Bernice Stegers as Jane Baker
  • Stanko Molnar as Robert Duval
  • Veronica Zinny as Lucy Baker
  • Roberto Posse as Fred Kellerman
  • Ferdinando Orlandi as Mr. Wells
  • Fernando Pannullo as Leslie Baker
  • Elisa Kadigia Bove as Mrs. Duval


The film was released twice on DVD in the United States. The first time in 2001 by Anchor Bay Entertainment.[2] The second DVD release came from Blue Underground in 2007.[3]


Kim Newman (Monthly Film Bulletin) stated that "with only two films, however, Lamberto Bava has established a distinct personality within the genre" noting that Lamberto Bava "favours story-lines as tight and inner-directed as his neurotic characters."[4] Newman noted that Macabre "will probably be remembered as the definitive severed-head-in-the-fridge film."[4]


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