Macahambus Cave

Coordinates: 8°45′00″N 125°00′00″E / 8.7500°N 125.0000°E / 8.7500; 125.0000
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Macahambus Cave is a scenic cave in the Misamis Oriental province, part of Cagayan de Oro, in the Philippines. The area of the cave is part of the tropical Macahambus Forest nature reserve.[1]

The cave, which houses a colony of bats, is a tourist attraction, and it is equipped with path and walkable scenic trails;[2] one end of the cave leads to a veranda overlooking the Cagayan River.[citation needed] About 200 meters from the cave itself there is a doline, improperly referred to as the Macahambus Gorge.[2]

The place was the site of the Battle of Makahambus Hill (4 June 1900), the first of the few battles won by the Filipinos during the Philippine–American War.[2]

The Filipino troops in Macahambus were led by Lt. Cruz Taal and Col. Apolinar Velez.


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8°45′00″N 125°00′00″E / 8.7500°N 125.0000°E / 8.7500; 125.0000