Macareus (son of Aeolus)

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Macareus or Macar was, in Greek mythology, the son of Aeolus, though sources disagree as to which bearer of this name was his father: it could either be Aeolus the lord of the winds,[1] or Aeolus the king of Tyrrhenia.[2][3] His mother was, at least in the latter case, Amphithea.

Macareus and his sister Canace fell in love with each other and had a child together. Canace was ordered to kill herself and the baby exposed by Aeolus after he had discovered this, and Macareus took his own life.[2][4][5]

Macareus, son of Aeolus, is also given as the father of Amphissa or Issa, who was seduced by Apollo in disguise of a shepherd.[6][7] Ancient sources do not clarify whether she was the child of Macareus by Canace, or a different child by another unknown consort. In Ovid's account the child of Canace apparently doesn't survive.


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