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Macarthur Astronomy Forum
Macarthur Astronomy Forum Logo.jpg
Formation21 February 2011
PurposePromote excellence in astronomy in Macarthur region.
Region served
Macarthur Region.
Parent organization
Macarthur Astronomical Society.
RemarksHeld third Monday of month (Jan-Nov). Previously known as General Meeting of Macarthur Astronomical Society.

Macarthur Astronomy Forum is a monthly public forum organised by Macarthur Astronomical Society, providing leading national and international professional astronomers with a platform to address the Forum on topics of astronomical interest; also providing members of the Society and the general public with opportunities to learn and ask questions.

The Forums (known as the General Meetings of the Society until the new identity was adopted in February 2011) have been held (admission free) at (and with the support of) the Western Sydney University (Cambelltown Campus), NSW, Australia since the second meeting of the Society in 1996.

The first Macarthur Astronomy Forum was held on 21 February 2011, with a presentation by Professor Fred Watson A.M., Astronomer-In-Charge of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, Siding Springs, NSW, Australia. The talk was entitled: "Poles Apart - The environment near a planet's poles".

The Forums are open to the general public and are held on the third Monday of each month (January to November) and on the second Monday of December.


  • To bring excellence in astronomy to the Macarthur Region.
  • To provide a prestigious public platform for expert national and international astronomers from Australia and elsewhere to make an illustrated presentation on their individual fields of expertise.
  • To foster the science of astronomy within the community.
  • To bridge the divide between professional astronomy and amateur astronomy.
A Macarthur Astronomy Forum being introduced by Macarthur Astronomical Society President, Tony Law.
Professor Geraint Lewis (Sydney University) is welcomed to the September 2012 Macarthur Astronomy Forum by Chris Malikoff (President, Macarthur Astronomical Society).

List of International guest speakers[edit]

International speakers who have addressed the Society:

List of Local guest speakers[edit]

Professional astronomers who have recently addressed the Society include:

These astronomers are users of the world's most sophisticated optical, radio, gamma-ray orbital and ground-based telescopes, including the Hubble, Keck, Parkes and the ATNF telescopes. In Lisa Harvey-Smith's case, she was also the project scientist responsible for Australia's participation in the design of the world's largest-ever radio telescope, the SKA, and the commissioning of its precursor, ASKAP.

The Forum is also addressed by other experts in astronomy, such as manufacturers and retailers of leading telescope equipment; and leading amateur astronomers, such as Anthony Wesley and leading members of Macarthur Astronomical Society and other Societies, to foster the science of astronomy within the community.

Students Night[edit]

The Forum holds Annual Students Nights on the second Monday of December, when students are invited to present their latest astronomy research projects. The inaugural Student's Night was held in December 2015,[7] with students Vina Hing & Linh Thuy Nguyen from Prairiewood High School presenting their research,[8] using iTelescope,[9] into eclipsing binary stars.

Space Rocks[edit]

In July, 2018, Macarthur Astronomy Forum and The Australian Botanic Garden collaborated to hold "Space Rocks", bringing two international figures, Geoffrey Notkin a meteorite hunter and television presenter from Tucson, Arizona, United States and Amy Shira Teital, a space historian and YouTube presenter from Canada, to Macarthur. This sellout event was the first Forum at which an entry fee was charged.

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