Macau Military Club

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Coordinates: 22°11′29.8″N 113°32′39.5″E / 22.191611°N 113.544306°E / 22.191611; 113.544306

Macau Military Club
Clube Militar de Macau
澳門陸軍俱樂部 Macao Military Club - panoramio.jpg
General information
TypeClub, restaurant
Location, Macau, China

The Macau Military Club (Chinese: 澳門陸軍俱樂部; Portuguese: Clube Militar de Macau) is a club and restaurant in , Macau, China.


The building was originally constructed in 1870 as a private military club. The building was restored in 1995 and reopened as a restaurant.[1][2]


The club regularly hosts various exhibitions.[3][4][5]

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