Macau Resident Identity Card

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Macau Resident Identity Card
Macau ID card 2013.jpg
The front of a Macau permanent resident identity card (contactless)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 澳門特別行政區永久性居民身份證
non-permanent card
Traditional Chinese 澳門特別行政區非永久性居民身份證
Portuguese name
Portuguese (permanent)
Bilhete de Identidade de Residente Permanente da R.A.E.M.

Bilhete de Identidade de Residente não Permanente da R.A.E.M.
The reverse of a Macau permanent resident identity card (contact-based)
The reverse of a Macau permanent resident identity card (contact-based)
The front side of a Macau non-permanent resident identity card (contact-based)
The reverse of a Macau non-permanent resident identity card (contact-based)

The Macau Special Administrative Region Resident Identity Card (Portuguese: Bilhete de Identidade de Residente) or BIR is an official identity card issued by the Macau Special Administrative Region. There are two types of Resident Identity Cards: one for permanent residents, and one for non-permanent residents.

Macau SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card[edit]

This card is for permanent residents of Macau, and is also valid for travel to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as long as the visit is no longer than 180 days and for business, transit or leisure. The current generation of contactless electronic identity card were first issued in 2013, replacing the first generation contact-based electronic identity card issued from 2002.

The cards replace the old Bilhete de Identidade Cidadão Estrangeiro (BICE).


  • Holder of the Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of abode in the Macau SAR, or
  • Born in Macau and one of the applicant's parents was a Macau resident at the time of birth

Macau SAR Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card[edit]

This card is for non-permanent residents of Macau.



New applications for a BIR require a valid birth certificate; photocopies of parents' identification documents; and, if in possession of a Hong Kong Identity Card, a photocopy of the card; and a recent photograph (or can choose to have on taken at time of application.) Applicants are required to provide documentation to prove marital status, i.e. marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. Other documents may also be required depending on the applicants status in Macau and mainland China.

To renew the BIR, the old BIR, photograph and documentation to prove any change in status (marital, resident, personal information) is required. There is an additional fee if the original BIR can not be presented at time of application for renewal.


Information on the face of the card[edit]

  • embedded chip
  • Digital photograph
  • Surname, Given Name (in Chinese, Chinese telegraph code, and Portuguese)
  • Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Date of Issue (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Validity Date (DD-MM-YYYY) - expiry date
  • Date of First Issue (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Signature
  • ID number (8 digit numeric: XXXXXXX(X))
  • Multiple laser image of photo, ID number, sex and date of birth)
  • Code for place of birth and sex
  • Height (metres)

Information on the rear of the card[edit]

  • Name of type of card ("Permanent Resident Identity Card" or "Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card") in Chinese and Portuguese
  • Reference to legal references on the issuance of this card
  • Machine-readable zone (OCR lines)
  • Seal of the Government of Macau

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