Macau people

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Macau people
Regions with significant populations
 Macau 640,700
Cantonese (native language), Portuguese, Macanese, Mandarin, English
Non-religious with Chinese folk religion, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and other faiths
Related ethnic groups
Cantonese people, Hong Kong people, Hakka people
Macau people
Chinese 澳門人

Macau people (Chinese: 澳門人), are people who originate from or live in Macau. Besides their use to refer to Macau residents, these terms may also be used more loosely to refer to those who may not be residents, but have lived in the city for an extensive period of time or have a strong cultural connection with Macau. Macau people do not comprise one particular ethnicity, and people that live in Macau are independent of Chinese citizenship and residency status. The majority of Macau people are of Chinese descent and are ethnic Han Chinese (with most having ancestral roots in the province of Guangdong). A group of Macau people with some Portuguese ancestry are known as the Macanese;[1] although there have been attempts by the Macau government in the mid-1990s to redefine the Macanese as anyone born in Macau regardless of ethnicity, language, religion or nationality.[2]

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