Republic of Macedonia–Turkey relations

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Macedonian–Turkish relations
Map indicating locations of Macedonia and Turkey



Macedonian–Turkish relations are foreign relations between the Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.


Due to historical and cultural mutualities and human bonds Macedonia and Turkey have very close and friendly relations.[1] Shortly after Macedonia declared its independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991 Turkey recognized Macedonia's sovereignty as one of the first countries and also recognizes the latter under its constitutional name Republic of Macedonia,[1] which is recognized by 130 countries worldwide.[2] Bilateral relations were established on 26 August 1992.[3] Macedonia has an embassy in Ankara and a consulate–general in Istanbul, while Turkey has an embassy in Skopje and a consulate-general in Bitola. Also, Turkish is a co-official language in two municipalities, besides of Macedonian.[citation needed] Turkey and Macedonia also have good economic relations. There are several Turkish companies present in Macedonia, notably TAV Airports Holding and Şişecam. Both countries aspire to join the European Union. In a Gallup polls conducted in 2010, Turkey is viewed as a friendly country with a positive image among a large majority (80 percent) of people in the Republic of Macedonia, due to Turkish support Macedonia over the name dispute with Greece.[4] Recognition of the Republic of Macedonia by Turkey is predicated on Macedonia upholding the free movement and rights of the Albanian community in the country.[5] In February 2018, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed support of the Republic of Macedonia's position during negotiations over the Macedonia naming dispute saying that Greece's position is wrong.[6]

Macedonian citizens of Turkish origin[edit]

There are 77,959 citizens declared as Turkish in Macedonia, forming 3.85% of the population of the country.[7] The Turks of Macedonia serve as a bridge between the two states, and were part of a program for cooperation in the sphere of culture for the period between 2009 and 2011. According to the program both sides shall intensify the cooperation in different segments of culture and art. Additionally, the countries shall promote each other's culture and open Cultural Information Centres - Macedonia in Istanbul and Turkey in Skopje. On that occasion, the Macedonian minister also announced that the Macedonian government decided to renew the house of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's parents, located in the village of Kodžadžik near Debar.[8] The Turkish authorities allowed Macedonian archaeologists to make a copy of the Alexander Sarcophagus that afterwards will be displayed in a Macedonian museum.[9]

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