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Macedonia Park was a settlement in what is now the Buckhead Community of Atlanta, Georgia which was located on the present site of Frankie Allen Park in the Garden Hills neighborhood.


In the late 1800s Macedonia Park was a black community of about 400 families.[1] In 1921, white developer John Ownes built a subdivision designated for African Americans. The houses were modest, lots were small and narrow and bordered a creek. From 1945-1953, the county acquired owners' properties. Bagley Park was established on the land in the mid-1950s, and was renamed Frankie Allen Park in 1980.[2]


Two local grocery shops were owned by Mamie German and William Bagley. Two restaurants served pot roasts. William Bonner owned the blacksmith shop on Pharr Road.


The Mount Olive Methodist-Episcopal Church was founded here in the early 1900s. The church cemetery remains.[3] Other churches were the Macedonia Baptist Church and the White Lily Baptist Church.


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