Macedonian Olympic Committee

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Macedonian Olympic Committee
Macedonian Olympic Committee logo
Macedonian Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  Macedonia
Code MKD
Created 1992
Recognized 1993
Headquarters Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
President Vasil Tupurkovski
Secretary General Saso Popovski

The Macedonian Olympic Committee (Macedonian: Македонски олимписки комитет)[1] is the national Olympic committee of the Republic of Macedonia. In international Olympic organisations it is also referred to as the Olympic Committee of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,[2] reflecting the disputed status of its country's official name. The Committee was founded as the 195th Olympic Committee in the world.

Assignments and aims[edit]

The Committee aims to develop the sport activity and sport education in the Republic of Macedonia. It also works to spread the Olympism and to interest the young people in the value of the sport and the Olympic Games. The main assignments and aims of the Committee are:

  • The preparation and participation of athletes from the Republic of Macedonia in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.
  • The development and spreading of the Olympic Movement in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • To spread the ground principles of the Olympism throughout the country using activities and programs which integrate with the educative and cultural life of the people.
  • The development of the most popular sports at the highest levels.
  • The development of international cooperation in the realm of sports.
  • To carry out activities which combat discrimination and racism.


The president of the Committee is Vasil Tupurkovski. As vice-presidents were named Jordan Kamchev and Blagoja Georgievski - Bushtur, the general secretary is Sašo Popovski and the sport director is Vladimir Bogoevski.

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