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Macedonian Prayer (Macedonian Cyrillic: Македонска молитва - Makedonska molitva) was a short film, functioning as a public service video produced in December 2008 and aired daily for the first several weeks of 2009 on a nationwide scale in Republic of Macedonia by the public TV station MRT. It was met with controversy, with a number of commentators from the country and from abroad depicting it as 'blasphemous', 'racist' and 'fascist'. It is a 9 minutes long video spot of (when it was aired) non-commercial nature, in color with stereo sound, which contains a male-voice monologue followed by another male monologue, superimposed on opening background in Eastern Orthodox Christian hymn style as well as tonal music and some sound effects. The airing of the video ceased permanently after few weeks, apparently on MRT's editorial discretion.


The video is authored by Niče Dimovski, vice-President of the NGO "World Macedonian Congress" based in Skopje.[1] It contains a variety of video samples of original production, archival-documentary, movie clips etc., most of them featuring Ancient Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine scenery and symbols, as well as landscapes.

The first monologue contains a prayer towards God in which grievances, alleged historical facts, laments over former and current issues and alleged low status of ethnic Macedonians in general were delivered. The male vocal also complaints about worldwide-reaching conspiracy by neighbors of ethnic Macedonians to falsify the historical truth at the disadvantage of Macedonians.

After a pause, God answers in to all Macedonians, stating that he created them as "Macedonoids" - progenitors of the White race, besides two other races he created, the Mongoloids and the Negroids, while all the rest were Mulattoes, providing blessings to ethnic Macedonians and revealing eschatological role of ethnic Macedonian people, stating that he will soon arrive in the Republic of Macedonia to state the truth, open graves, including Alexander the Great's one, and bring all of the world to bow in front of Macedonia, which will cause understanding that Macedonians have divine primacy that is to be revealed causing the awe of all humankind.


The video caused immediate controversy within intellectual and journalist elite within Republic of Macedonia, mostly of condemnatory nature.[2] It did stir quite a lot of polemics and mostly condemnation from variety of commentators, including NGO leaders.

One of subsequent effects of this video is the usage of the term "Makedonoidi" as a pejorative slang-term of choice for zealous supporters of the theory that today's ethnic Macedonians have ethnically, linguistically, historically preserved the culture of Ancient Macedonians, which were, according to them, not Greeks (see "antiquisation" for more).

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0:25-0:45 O, Lord! Dearest God, who art in Heaven! Do you see our Macedonian agonies? Do you hear the crying of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and of our children? For the offspring that died for Macedonia?

0:47-2:27 We have bled for thousands of years, the living wounds of our offspring are left to them. O, Lord, You are the Only One in Heaven. Only You are looking at our mother, crucified at four sides as the Son of God. Wherever You go, You are stepping over a grave and fall over bones. O, Lord, appear now, tell us the truth, to us and to the world, because St. Nicholas came in my dream and told me: "and I am from the land of love and goodness, and I am a Macedonian. And I shed a bloody tear in the pot of our pain. But the truth is with the Almighty. Ask Him and He will tell, because our Macedonian era has arrived. O, Lord, only You know that two truths exist, but justice is only one. Thousands of books were spread all over the world by our neighbours with fake history and twisted truths about Macedonia. O, Lord, only You know our true justice: who we are, where we come from and why we are Macedonians? And to the Apostle Paul during a dream a Macedonian appeared, saying: "Come to Macedonia and help us".

2:28-3:24 And St. Apostle Paul listened to the prayer and first came among us, Macedonians. And now here, for two thousand years we have believed only in You, and in two thousand Churches and Monasteries we pray and from the eternity we are waiting for You. I already can't remember, but I know, I, Macedon of Govrlevo, I have been alone with God for eight thousand years and I pray in front of the largest cross in the world. You, the only Lord, dearest God in Heaven, listen to our prayer, come to Armageddon, lend us a hand and tell us the truth about the evil and the good, to us and to the whole world, because no more blood left in us, for the great mother - Macedonia.

"God" is supposed to say the following:

3:48-5:16 Divine blessing for you, my Macedonians. I have waited for thousands of years to be called by you. From always being with you, from eternity I come, I am already among you because here neither time nor space exists. Here, where I am, the time is still. But where you are, the time is now, for me to explain. I have inhabited Your mother Earth with three races: the white Macedonoids, the yellow Mongoloids and the black Negroids. All the rest are mulattoes. From you, Macedonians, the descendants of Macedon, I have impregnated the white race and everything began from you, to the Sea of Japan. All white people are your brothers because they carry the Macedonian gene. And all the migrations started from your place towards the north. Kokino, Porodin, Radobor, Angelci, Barutnica, Govrlevo, wherever you dig you shall find the truth who you are, why you are who you are and from where you have come. Evil diabolic souls have obscured the truth for thousands of years, lying to the world.

5:19-6:37 How much have you suffered and to what kind of plights did you pass, because I was leading you into temptation, but you have stayed faithful, my children. Children of the sun and of the flowers, blessed with joy, love and goodness. I sent you kings for thousands of years and now I am giving you again. You are giving them to everybody, you didn't leave them for yourselves. How many Tsars are here with Me and how many Macedonians there are, so many stars are in the heavens and sand in the sea. Let all the Angels sing, for everybody who is with Me who, out of love for Macedonia, exchanged their life for eternity and shared the kingdom here with Me. Already the Angels are singing for all of you who understood God's glory, for all of you to which I gave a part of Paradise, for all of you to whom I gave love and peace, for all of you who waited for Me and saw My arrival.

6:40-8:23 Here, I am now coming to Macedonia, I am now among you, to tell you the real truth, which is among you under the soil. I shall open the grave of Alexander, the Macedonian Tsar, and I shall bring the entire world to bow before you. How many Macedonian graves I have yet to open, because souls near me desire the truth! Love your greatest enemies, because I send them to be of greatest help to you. The truth about Macedonia and you, Macedonians, should be known to the world. Because you were first of the first and the most dignified among the most dignified. Now the Macedonian era has arrived, the whole world will obtain the truth, to see that it is an honor and a blessing to be a Macedonian, a descendant of Macedon and son of the God of the Universe. Children of mine, blessed and eternal be, here where the sun and flowers rule, let there be eternal joy, love and goodness. Among you, I am now noble. In eternal Macedonia, blessed One, amen!