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The Macedonian language has one of the more elaborate kinship (сродство, роднинство) systems among European languages. Most words are common to other Slavic languages, though some derive from Turkish. Terminology may differ from place to place; the terms used in the Standard are listed below, dialectical or regional forms are marked [Dial.] and colloquial forms [Coll.].

There are four main types of kinship in the family: biological AKA blood kinship, kinship by law (in-laws), spiritual kinship (such as godparents), and legal kinship through adoption and remarriage.[1] Traditionally, three generations of a family will live together in a home in what anthropologists call a joint family structure (reminiscent of the historical zadruga units), where parents, their son(s), and grandchildren would cohabit in a family home.[2]

Direct descendance and ancestry[edit]

Words for relations up to five generations removed—great-great-grandparents and great-great-grandchildren—are in common use. The fourth-generation terms are also used as generics for ancestors and descendants. There is no distinction between the maternal and paternal line.

Macedonian Cyrillic Transliteration Relation
чукунвнука čukunvnuka great-great-granddaughter
чукунвнук čukunvnuk great-great-grandson
правнука pravnuka great-granddaughter
правнук pravnuk great-grandson
внука vnuka granddaughter
внук vnuk grandson
ќерка ḱerka daughter
син sin son
мајка majka mother
татко tatko father
баба baba grandmother
дедо dedo grandfather
прабаба prababa great-grandmother
прадедо pradedo great-grandfather
чукунбаба čukunbaba great-great-grandmother
чукундедо čukundedo great-great-grandfather

Ego's generation[edit]

Macedonian does not have separate terms for first cousins, second cousins and so forth, but uses втор братучед (lit. "second cousin"), трет братучед (lit. "third cousin"), etc.

Macedonian Cyrillic Transliteration Relation
брат brat brother
сестра sestra sister
батко batko older brother
дада dada older sister
братучед, брачед[Dial., Coll.] bratučed, bračed male cousin
братучетка, братучеда, брачетка[Dial., Coll.], брачеда[Dial., Coll.] bratučetka, bratučeda, bračetka, bračeda female cousin


Macedonian Cyrillic Transliteration Relation
очув očuv stepfather
маќеа maḱea stepmother
пасинок, пoсинок, пасторок pasinok, posinok, pastorok stepson
паштерка pašterka stepdaughter
полусестра polusestra stepsister
полубрат polubrat stepbrother


Macedonian Cyrillic Transliteration Relation English translation
свекор svekor husband's father father-in-law
свекрва svekrva husband's mother mother-in-law
тест, дедо test, dedo wife's father father-in-law
тешта, баба tešta, baba wife's mother mother-in-law
зет zet daughter's or sister's husband son-in-law or brother-in-law
снаа snaa son's or brother's wife daughter-in-law or sister-in-law
шура šura wife's brother brother-in-law
шурнајка šurnajka wife's brother's wife sister-in-law
свеска, балдаза sveska, baldaza wife's sister sister-in-law
баџанак bad̂anak wife's sister's husband co-brother-in-law
девер dever husband's brother brother-in-law
золва zolva husband's sister sister-in-law
јатрва jatrva husband's brother's wife co-sister-in-law
сват svat child's spouse's father co-father-in-law
сваќа svaḱa child's spouse's mother co-mother-in-law