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Macedonian mafia
Founding location Macedonia
Territory Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
SerbiaMontenegroBosnia and Herzegovina Balkan
European Union European Union
United States Canada North America
Australia Australia
Ethnicity Macedonians and Albanians
Criminal activities Arms trafficking, Assassination, Assault, Auto theft, Bank fraud, Bankruptcy, Blackmailing, Bribery, Car bombing, Contract killing, Extortion, Fraud, Human trafficking, Infiltration of Politics, Illegal gambling, Insurance fraud, Kidnapping, Military corruption, Military Equipment smuggling, Money laundering, Murder, Police corruption, Political corruption, Protection racket, Racketeering, Tax evasion, Theft, Witness intimidation, Witness tampering.
Allies Serbian Mafia, Bulgarian mafia, Albanian mafia, Russian mafia, Italian mafia, Turkish mafia, Romanian mafia, Chinese mafia[1]

The Macedonian Mafia is the body of illegal gangs and criminal organisations operating in the Macedonia and within the Macedonian diaspora.

Key people[edit]

Born/died Title Info Affiliation
Petrit Ame[2] 1959– Head Boss Drug-related crimes, Environmental crimes, Thefts.[3] He was accused of assassination attempt on Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov[4][5] Own gang
Ljuzmi Ramadani
 ????– Gangster Racketeering[6][7][8] Own gang
Metodija Smilenski  ????– Gangster Involvement in organized crime in Austria and Macedonia. Arrested and serving sentence in Macedonia.[9][10] Own gang
Ken Janakievski  ????– Gangster Involvement in organized crime in Australia. Arrested and serving sentence in Australia.[11] Own gang
Marjan Tushevski  ????-2003 Gangster Involvement in organized crime in Macedonia, killed. Own gang
Zoran Manaskov
 ????- Head Boss Heroin ring operating in Germany and Austria based out of the city of Veles, arrested in police action: "Conductor" in 2010, serving 13-year sentence in Macedonia.[12][13][14] Frankfurt mafia
Berat Zendeli
"Wolfman" (E7 Clique)
 ????- Boss Underground & Gangs Controlling neighborhoods and control prositut sale and purchase of queen [15][16] Own gang
Bajrush Sejdiu
 ????- Head Boss Brother in law of Hashim Thaci,[17] involved in tobacco smuggling,[18] arrested in police action: "Ash" [19][20][21] Bajrushci
The Bajrush's
Nezim Allii  ????- Head Boss Drug trafficking (heroin), extortion, assault, tax evasion, money laundering, fraud, blackmailing in Macedonia and Switzerland, arrested in police action: "Kalabria"[22][23][24][25] Nezimci
The Nezim's
Romeo Zhivikj
 ????-2006 Gangster Racketeering, arms trafficking, collaborated with Macedonian secret services, killed by Jane Tica[26][27] Own gang
Sasho Dimitrovski
1960-2005 Gangster Racketeering, killed by 2 Bajrushci[28] assassins[29] in his "Europa" restaurant[30] for blood feud.[31] Own gang
Arslan Poda
Arslan Nuishi[32]
 ????- Head Boss Drug smuggling, car theft, racketeering, kidnappings, valiant crimes. Most of the gang is from village Grchec, arrested in police action "Network". Detained and questioned after assassination attempt on Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov for the Bratislava connection[33][34][35][36][37][38] Grchec gang
Fadilj Arslani[39] 1965- Head Boss Extortion, fraud, racketeering and money laundering[40] mostly in town Gostivar and its surroundings . Most members arrested in police action "Hammer".[41][42][43] Own Gang
Almir Drpljanin  ? Boss Robbery, murder and attempted murder, blood feud.[44] Convicted for life in prison.[45] Arrested in Kosovo and extradited[46] in Macedonia in 2012. Own Gang

The ethnic Albanian community in Macedonia has its roots in the hole picture since the countries independence in 1991, by 1994 the Albanian mafiosi had taken the floor of the best hotel in Skopje, riding in Mercedes's and wearing expensive suits and owning a heroin refinery near Kumanovo.[47]

See also[edit]

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