Macedonians in France

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Macedonians in France
Македонци во Франција
Macédoniens en France
Total population
(2,300[1]-15,000 (est)[2])
Regions with significant populations
Primarily Macedonian and French
Macedonian Orthodox
Related ethnic groups

Macedonians (in French: Macédoniens) in France form a small minority mainly concentrated in the capital Paris. Many of them were unskilled immigrants and returned to Macedonia after finishing their work in France.[citation needed] After World War II many returned this time as immigrants.[citation needed] Most of the immigrants originated from the Struga, Ohrid and Kicevo regions.[citation needed] They were primarily settled in migrant hostels and "ghettoes".[citation needed] More still emigrated to France after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The French government estimates the number of Macedonians in France to be 2,300 while Macedonian figures put the number at over 15,000 people.

Notable Macedonians from France[edit]


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