Macedonians of Romania

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Macedonians in Romania
Македонци во Романија
Macedonenienii din România
Total population
(1,264 (2011 census)[1] - 6,000 (est.)[2])
Regions with significant populations
Bucharest , Galați and Ploiești
predominately Macedonian[3]
Eastern Orthodox
Related ethnic groups
Macedonian People

The Macedonians of Romania are a recognised minority with full minority rights. As of the 2011 census, 1,264 ethnic Macedonians lived in Romania.[1]


Macedonians settled Romania after Ottoman pressure traditionally forced members of several Macedonians and other South Slavic communities to seek refuge in Wallachia - although under Ottoman rule as well, the latter was always subject to less requirements than regions to south of the Danube. After the Greek Civil War, thousands of Greeks and ethnic Macedonians fled Greece. Many were evacuated to Romania. A large evacuation camp was established in the Romanian town of Tulgheș. It was there that many of the younger children were reunited with their parents.[4] It is thought that 5,132 children were evacuated to Romania along with 1,981 men and 1,939 women. The group of children evacuated was the largest in Romania. There in Romania, the most provisions were set up for them across the entire Eastern Bloc, excluding Yugoslavia. That group of children would go on to form the recognised minority group of Macedonians in Romania.


The Association of Macedonians in Romania was established in 2000 as an ethnic minority political party to represent the Macedonian community. The party has a seat in the Chamber of Deputies. The current member of the Macedonian minority in Romania is Liana Dumitrescu, who has served since 2004, when she replaced Vasile Ioan Savu, in office from 2000.[5] Dumitrescu heads the party, which forms part of the parliamentary group of national minorities.[6] At the 2000 elections the group received 8,000 votes,[7] and in 2004, 3 Macedonian political parties from Romania, lead and participated at election by AMR, obtained more than 25,000 votes.[8] However two other Political Parties, Asociația Macedonenilor din Romania and Asociația Cultura a Macedonenilor din România also polled well with 9595 and 9750 votes respectively.[9]

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