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Sub-prefecture and town
Macenta is located in Guinea
Location in Guinea
Coordinates: 8°33′N 9°28′W / 8.550°N 9.467°W / 8.550; -9.467
Country  Guinea
Region Nzérékoré Region
Prefecture Macenta Prefecture
Population (2008 est.)
 • Total 88,376

Macenta is a town in southeastern Guinea, founded by the Toma people. Population 88,376 (2008 est).[1]


Macenta is the capital of the Macenta Prefecture in southeastern Guinea is located in the Guinea Highlands (at 620 metres (2,030 ft)) on the road from Nzérékoré to Guéckédou. The Nianda River joins the Makonda River near Macenta.[2]

Recent history[edit]

French colonial and settlement influx influenced by Liberians circa 2000. It is the source of the 2014 African Ebola outbreak.[3]


Macenta is the major trading market town for tea, coffee, rice, cassava, shea butter extract, kola nuts, palm oil, and kernels grown in the surrounding agricultural area. A tea processing plant was built in Macenta in 1968, and the town has an agricultural research station, a sawmill, and several secondary schools.[4] A trade in smuggling is believed to have developed in Macenta.

The town is served by Macenta Airport.


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Coordinates: 08°33′N 09°28′W / 8.550°N 9.467°W / 8.550; -9.467