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Machakos County
Road in Machakos County showing the landscape
Road in Machakos County showing the landscape
Flag of Machakos County
"the Place to be"
Location in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Coordinates: 01°14′S 37°23′E / 1.233°S 37.383°E / -1.233; 37.383
Country Kenya
Formed4 March 2013
 • GovernorWavinya Ndeti
 • SpeakerAnn Kiusya
 • SenatorAgnes Kavindu Muthama
 • Women RepresentativeJoyce kamene
 • Total6,043 km2 (2,333 sq mi)
1,138 m (3,734 ft)
 • Total1,421,932
 • Density240/km2 (610/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Machakos County is one of the 47 counties of Kenya, which came into being because of the devolved system of governance occasioned by the 2010 constitution of Kenya. The country's first administrative headquarters are in Machakos Town, which is the largest town in the county. The county had a population of 1,421,932 as of 2019. The county borders Nairobi and Kiambu counties to the west, Embu to the north, Kitui to the east, Makueni to the south, Kajiado to the south west, and Muranga and Kirinyaga to the north west.


Machakos County Enforcement Vehicle

The Machakos County Government is composed of two arms, the County Executive and the County Assembly. County Executive is headed by a Governor. The office of the Governor of Machakos was created on 27 March 2013. Alfred Mutua, served as the inaugural holder of the office. following his election in 2012. He was re-elected in the 2017 general elections.[1] The Machakos County Assembly is headed by a Speaker elected by its members. The incumbent Speaker is Mrs. Florence Mwangangi.

Hon Wavinya Ndeti was in 2022 elected as the second governor of Machakos County, becoming the first female governor in the county and also among the 8 female governors that were historically elected in the 2022 elections, an historic rise from the 3 that were elected in the 2017 elections.


There are many primary schools in Machakos County, including Machakos Primary School, Kathiini primary School and Machakos Academy.

Machakos County has giant secondary schools such as Machakos School (boys), Machakos Girls' School, Mumbuni Boys' Secondary School, Mumbuni Girls' Secondary School, Masii Boys' Secondary School, Tala Girls' School, Matungulu Girls' High School, Mwala School,ST. Teresa Mwala Girls, Kitulu Day Secondary School and Kabaa High School (boys), which boasts of a castle which was left behind by Christian missionaries. This castle is now a museum.

Kwanthanze Secondary School, which is also found in Machakos County, is famous for its volleyball championship in the country.

Universities and colleges within Machakos County include Machakos University,[2] Scott Christian University, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU), St. Paul's University, Kenya Institute of Management,African Training Center for Research and Technology,[3] Century Park College, Machakos Institute of Technology,Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Machakos campus and Machakos Technical Training Institute for the Blind.


The local climate is semi-arid with hilly terrain and an altitude of 1000 to 2100 metres above sea level.

Tourist-related activities include camping, hiking safaris, ecotourism and cultural tourism, dance and music festivals.[1]


Subsistence agriculture is mostly practiced with maize and drought-resistant crops such as sorghum and millet being grown due to the area's semi-arid state. The county also plays host to the open air market concept with major market days where large amounts of produce are traded. Fruits, vegetables and other food stuffs like maize and beans are sold in these markets.[1]


The county is banking on projects such as the Konza Technology City, a new Machakos City[4] and its proximity to Nairobi County to boost output in the economy.


Stats for Machakos County
Stats for the county (percent)
Attending school (15-18 Yrs)
Paved roads
Good roads
Electricity access

Stats for the county

Source: USAid Kenya


Local authorities (councils)
Authority Type Population* Urban pop.*
Machakos Municipality 144,109 28,891
Mavoko (Athi River) Municipality 48,260 22,167
Kangundo Town 187,389 9,122
Matuu Town 44,922 5,321
Masaku County 481,964 9,088
* 1999 census. Source:[5]
Administrative divisions
Division Population* Urban pop.* Headquarters
Kalama 41,000 0
Kangundo 91,238 3,786 Kangundo
Kathiani 95,096 2,929 Mitaboni
Machakos Central 143274 26,438 Machakos
Masinga 74,478 654 Masinga
Matungulu 99,731 4,734 Tala
Mavoko 48,936 19,177 Athi River
Mwala 89,211 2,708
Ndithini 32,358 0
Yathui 65,567 481 Wamunyu
Yatta 125,755 4913 Matuu
* 1999 census. Sources:,,[6][7]

The county has eight constituencies:

Nairobi Metro[edit]

Machakos County (yellow) within Nairobi Metro (green)

Machakos County is within Greater Nairobi which consists of 4 out of 47 counties in Kenya, but the area generates about 60% of the nation's wealth.[8][9] The counties are:

Area County Area (km2) Population
Census 2019
Cities/towns/municipalities in the county
Core Nairobi Nairobi County 694.9 4,397,073 Nairobi
Northern Metro Kiambu County 2,449.2 2,417,735 Kiambu, Thika, Limuru, Ruiru, Karuri, Kikuyu
Southern Metro Kajiado County 21,292.7 1,117,840 Kajiado, Olkejuado, Bissil, Ngong, Kitengela, Kiserian, Ongata Rongai
Eastern Metro Machakos County 5,952.9 1,421,932 Kangundo-Tala, Machakos, Athi River
Totals Nairobi Metro 30,389.7 9,354,580

Source: NairobiMetro[permanent dead link]/ Kenya Census


Nairobi Metro[edit]


Urbanisation in Nairobi Metro
Urbanisation in Nairobi Metro (percent)
Nairobi County
Kiambu County
Machakos County
Kajiado County
 Kenya average

Urbanisation by county within Nairobi Metro

Source: OpenDataKenya

Wealth/poverty Level[edit]

Wealth/poverty Level in Nairobi Metro
Poverty level in Nairobi Metro (percent)
Kajiado County
Kiambu County
Nairobi County
Machakos County
 Kenya average

Poverty level by county

Source: OpenDataKenya Worldbank

South Eastern Kenya Region[edit]


Urbanisation in South Eastern Kenya
Urbanisation in South Eastern Kenya (percent)
Machakos County
Kitui County
Makueni County
 Kenya average

Urbanisation by county in South Eastern Kenya

Source: OpenDataKenya

Wealth/poverty Level[edit]

Wealth/poverty Level in South Eastern Kenya
Poverty Level in South Eastern Kenya (percent)
Machakos County
Kitui County
Makueni County
 Kenya average

Poverty level by county

Source: OpenDataKenya Worldbank

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