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Machangding (Chinese: 馬場; pinyin: Măchăng dīng; Wade–Giles: Ma3-ch'ang3 ting1; literally: 'riding grounds district'), established during Japanese rule in Taipei, Taiwan. It originally had training grounds and horse riding activities, hence the name.

It was west of Kawabata-chō (川端町), near the region of today's Wanhua District, south shore, near the Xindian Creek and Youth Park (青年公園, originally a training grounds). Since it is also close to Songshan Airport and was used for airport training, it was also known as "Taihoku South Airport" (臺北南機場; closed in 1949).

During the period of white terror (ca. 1947–1987), the waterfront area was known as an execution grounds. People executed in the area include Chen Yi. It is now designated the Machangding Memorial Park. In the past, Taihoku Railroad Corporation [zh] Xindian Line had a Babachō Station (馬場町乘降場), but after World War II was renamed to Hoping Station [zh].

Persons executed here[edit]

  • Chen Yi
  • Song Feiru (宋斐如)
  • Huang Wengong (黃溫恭)