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Machhiwara Sahib
Machhiwara Sahib is located in Punjab
Machhiwara Sahib
Machhiwara Sahib
Location in Punjab, India
Coordinates: 30°55′N 76°12′E / 30.91°N 76.2°E / 30.91; 76.2Coordinates: 30°55′N 76°12′E / 30.91°N 76.2°E / 30.91; 76.2
Country India
262 m (860 ft)
 • Total18,363
 • OfficialPunjabi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code+911628
Vehicle registrationPB-10

Machhiwara Sahib is one of the developing cities in the Ludhiana district of the Indian state of Punjab. Machhiwara is famous for Gurudwara Sri Charan Kanwal Sahib associated with Guru Gobind Singh and named after the Guru's feet that are compared to the lotus flower.


Machhiwara name came from machhi (fish) + wara (ground). Satluj River runs 13 km away from Machhiwara.

Battle of Machhiwara (15 May 1555) between Humayun and Afghans[edit]

When Humayun was struggling to regain his power on India, Humayun captured Lahore in February 1555. Another detachment of his forces captured Dipalpur. Next, the Mughal army occupied Jalandhar and their advanced division proceeded towards Sirhind. Sikandar Shah Suri sent a force of 30,000 horses with Naseeb Khan and Tatar Khan, but they were defeated by the Mughal army in a Battle at Machhiwara.

Guru Gobind Singh and Machhiwara[edit]

When Emperor Aurangzeb's army attacked the fortress of Chamkaur Sahib, Guru Gobind Singhji successfully resisted their onslaught and went into the forests of Machhiwara. The Mughal forces got wind of his whereabouts. Guru Gobind Singhji was saved by two of his Muslim Pashtun devotees who disguised him as their Muslim prophet.

The place where the Guruji rested is where the Gurudwara stands today. There are four gurudawars (Sikh temples) in Machhiwara. When Guru Gobind singh ji was in Machhiwara he wrote "Mitar pyare nu haal murida da kehna " in the forest of Machhiwara.

Machhiwara is a famous destination for Sikh pilgrims. On 13 April every year there is a bis festival of Vashaki. Another Sikh religious festival of SABHA is held on 21–23 December every year.


Machhiwara is at 30°55′N 76°12′E / 30.91°N 76.2°E / 30.91; 76.2.[1] It has an average elevation of 262 metres (859 feet).

Machhiwara is 38 km northeast of Ludhiana city and 69 km west of the capital city of Chandigarh. It lies only 9 km from Samrala, which is on the Ludhiana Chandigarh highway.


As of 2011 India census,[2] Machhiwara had a population of 24,916. Males constitute 13,102 of the population and females 11,814. The major Jat clan in the town is Dhaliwal and Waraich. Machhiwara has male literacy is around 77.54% while female 70.56 %


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