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Directed bySarah Jayne
Ivan Malekin
Written bySarah Jayne
Ivan Malekin
Produced bySarah Jayne
Ivan Malekin
  • Steffi Thake
CinematographyIvan Malekin
Edited byIvan Malekin
Music byGerard Mack
Nexus Production Group
Release date
20 May 2022
Running time
62 minutes

Machination is a 2022 Maltese horror film directed by Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin, starring Steffi Thake.


  • Steffi Thake as Maria
  • Mikhail Basmadjian as Father
  • Sean James Sutton as Ian
  • Rambert Attard as Yorgen
  • Andrew Bonello as Peter


The film was released to digital on 20 May 2022.[1]


Noel Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote that while the film is "not an easy movie to watch", it is "admirably unflinching in the way it observes Maria’s tics and phobias, showing how even something as seemingly benign and beneficial as hand-washing can become emblematic of a deeper self-loathing."[2]

Daniel Tihn of the Times of Malta rated the film 2 stars out of 5 and wrote that "after a litany of directionless technical issues", it "ends up being more hollow than haunted."[3]

JP Nunez of the Horror Obsessive called the main character "boring", the plot "mostly meandering and directionless" and the imagery "very random and haphazard".[4]


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