Machine Gun (band)

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Machine Gun
Also known as The Gun
Origin New York, N.Y.
Genres Rock, free jazz, Avant-garde jazz, Noise rock, No wave, Free improvisation, Downtown_music, Free funk
Years active 1986–present
Labels MuWorks Records
Past members

Machine Gun is an improvising band formed in New York City in 1986. Its members were: Robert Musso: guitars, Thomas Chapin: reeds and flute, John Lunar Richey: vocals, cut-ups, tapes, TV, Bil Bryant: drums, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells: basses. Karl Berger is featured on melodica on their eponymous first release.

The band name came from the landmark Peter Brötzmann 1968 album release "Machine Gun", an octet recording often listed among the most notable free jazz albums. One critic has written "Machine Gun" offers "a heavy-impact sonic assault so aggressive it still knocks listeners back on their heels decades later." This style significantly influence this band.

Sonny Sharrock frequently performed with the band and appears on the first release, as well as the second, Open Fire.


  • Thomas Chapin - flute, saxophones
  • Karl Berger - vocals, melodica
  • Sonny Sharrock - guitar
  • Robert Musso - guitar, tapes
  • Billy Bryant - drums, electric drums, cymbals
  • Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass guitar
  • John Lunar Richey-vocals, tapes


  1. In Court [05:51]
  2. The Opening of Entry [03:29]
  3. Fancy Products [03:46]
  4. Prancing in Your Bed [04:48]
  5. Dive [03:46]
  6. Muffy's 1st Date [02:46]
  7. The 8 Factor [03:58]
  8. One for the Chipper [02:03]
  9. Trinity Rain [03:20]
  10. Hierocryptics [05:42]

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