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Virus classification
Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA)
Family: Tombusviridae
Genus: Machlomovirus
Type species
Maize chlorotic mottle virus

Machlomovirus is a genus of plant viruses, in the family Tombusviridae. Plants serve as natural hosts. There is currently only one species in this genus: the type species Maize chlorotic mottle virus[1][2] (MCMV), which causes significant losses in maize production worldwide.[3] MCMV was first identified in the U.S. state of Kansas causing corn lethal necrosis, a severe disease that negatively affects all stages of development for maize plants.[4]


Group: ssRNA(+)



Viruses in Machlomovirus are non-enveloped, with icosahedral and spherical geometries, and T=3 symmetry. The diameter is around 28-34 nm. Genomes are linear, around 4-5.4kb in length.[1][5]

Genus Structure Symmetry Capsid Genomic arrangement Genomic segmentation
Machlomovirus Icosahedral T=3 Non-enveloped Linear Monopartite

Life cycle[edit]

Viral replication is cytoplasmic. Entry into the host cell is achieved by penetration into the host cell. Replication follows the positive stranded RNA virus replication model. Positive stranded RNA virus transcription, using the premature termination model of subgenomic RNA transcription is the method of transcription. Translation takes place by leaky scanning, and suppression of termination. The virus exits the host cell by tubule-guided viral movement. Plants serve as the natural host. Transmission routes are mechanical, seed borne, and contact.[1]

Genus Host details Tissue tropism Entry details Release details Replication site Assembly site Transmission
Machlomovirus Plants None Viral movement; mechanical inoculation Viral movement Cytoplasm Cytoplasm Mechanical: contact; seed


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