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Rabbi Dov Bigon

Machon Meir (Hebrew: מכון מאיר‬) is a religious Zionist[1] outreach organization and yeshiva situated in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe, close to Givat Shaul. Machon Meir is one of the larger outreach organization in Israel, and is strongly associated with nationalist politics and the settler movement.

History & Ideology[edit]

The Beit Midrash of Machon Meir

Machon Meir was founded shortly after the Yom Kippur War in 1973, by Rabbi Dov Bigon. Rabbi Bigon himself was educated at Mercaz HaRav under Rav Zvi Yehuda Kook, and so while Machon Meir is not officially affiliated with Mercaz HaRav, the two have very similar ideologies.

Machon Meir was founded as an outreach yeshiva and as such is geared towards students with less formal Jewish education and/or little knowledge of the Hebrew language.

Machon Meir encourages full participation in Israeli society and the Israel Defense Forces.


In Jerusalem, the Machon Meir yeshiva offers full-time, intensive study programs for young Jewish men of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge [2][3] in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages.[4] Areas of study include Hebrew Bible, Talmud, the writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, history, Musar literature, philosophy and a men-only Hebrew ulpan.[5] Machon Meir is also a common destination for non-Jews from all over the world seeking an orthodox conversion to Judaism that will be recognised by the State of Israel.


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