Machu Pitumarka

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Machu Pitumarka
RegionCusco Region, Canchis Province
Coordinates13°58′03.79″S 71°23′56.82″W / 13.9677194°S 71.3991167°W / -13.9677194; -71.3991167Coordinates: 13°58′03.79″S 71°23′56.82″W / 13.9677194°S 71.3991167°W / -13.9677194; -71.3991167
Height3,465 metres (11,368 ft)

Machu Pitumarka (hispanicized spelling Machu Pitumarca, Machupitumarca) is an archaeological site with ruins of walls in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Canchis Province, Pitumarca District.[1] Machu Pitumarka lies on a hill northeast of Pitumarka (Pitumarca) at the southern shore of the river Ch'illkamayu.

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