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Maciej Fortuna is a Polish jazz trumpet player, composer and musical educator; runs Fortuna Music record label. Jerzy Milian dedicated him composition "Music For Mr. Fortuna".


Maciej graduated from the University of Poznan Law School in 2007 and obtained a master's degree with first class honours from the Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Piotr Wojtasik jazz trumpet class (2010). In 2012 he obtained a doctors degree in performing arts at The Academy of Music in Poznań.


He has played with artists from Poland, Europe and USA. He has won prizes as a soloist and with his bands.

Maciej Fortuna is also a session musician for radio or television. He is a lecturer in The Academy of Music in Poznan (Poland), jazz trumpet class.

Group membership[edit]

As a leader:

  • Maciej Fortuna Solo
  • Maciej Fortuna Trio
  • Maciej Fortuna Quartet
  • Maciej Fortuna Quintet

As co-leader:

  • An On Bast/Maciej Fortuna
  • Mack Goldsbury Quartet feat. Maciej Fortuna
  • Maciej Fortuna and Stefan Weeke Project

Member of groups:

  • Piotr Lemańczyk Quartet, featuring David Kikoski
  • Mack Goldsbury and The Polish Connection
  • Ernst Bier and Mack Goldsbury Group
  • Switch On Quintet


  • Grand Prix, TVP KULTURA prize, TVP President Prize during Young Talent Competition ‘Niemen Non Stop’ in Słupsk (July 2008)
  • First prize during Kodolanyi Jazz Competition (July 2008) with Switch On Quintet
  • Finalist of Junior Jazz in Usti Nad Laba (2008) with the same group
  • finalist of Ist International Tarnow Jazz Contest (2008) with Maciej Fortuna Quintet
  • Second prize during Jazz Juniors Competition (2008) with Maciej Fortuna Quintet
  • Best soloist prize during Bydgoszcz Big Band Festiwal 2008 and Baszta Jazz Festiwal 2008
  • Honourable in the same category during Big Band Festival in Nowy Tomysl (2008)


Maciej Fortuna/ Krzysztof Dys[edit]

Fortuna / Goldsbury / Minchello / Grassi[edit]

Maciej Fortuna Ethno Quartet[edit]

  • Zakhaar Fortuna Music FM 016 (2014)

Fortuna / Fortuna[edit]


Mack Goldsbury Quartet feat. Maciej Fortuna[edit]

Maciej Fortuna Acoustic Quartet[edit]

Fortuna / Dys[edit]

  • Tropy Fortuna Music FM 011 (2013)

Maciej Fortuna Trio[edit]

  • At Home Fortuna Music FM 008 (2013)
  • Sahjia Fortuna Music FM 007 (2012)
  • Solar Ring Fortuna Music FM 005 (2012)
  • "Jazz" Fortuna Music FM 021 (2016)

An On Bast & Maciej Fortuna[edit]

Mack Goldsbury Quartet featuring Maciej Fortuna[edit]

Piotr Lemańczyk Quartet feat. David Kikoski[edit]

  • Guru Soliton (2012)

Switch On Quintet[edit]

Mack Goldsbury and The Polish Connection featuring Reggie Moore[edit]

Ernst Bier and Mack Goldsbury Group[edit]

Maciej Fortuna Quartet[edit]

Maciej Fortuna and Stefan Weeke Project[edit]

Maciej Fortuna International Quartet[edit]

  • "Zośka" Fortuna Music FM 020 (2016)

Maciej Fortuna Quartet with Strings[edit]

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