Maciej Zworski

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Maciej Zworski
Zworski maciej.jpg
Zworski in 2010
Born (1963-10-08) 8 October 1963 (age 55)
ResidenceBerkeley, CA, USA
Citizenship Canadian,  Polish
Alma materImperial College, London, U.K.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
AwardsFellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 1998[1]
Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2010 [2]
Coxeter-James Prize of the Canadian Mathematical Society, 1999
Scientific career
InstitutionsHarvard University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Toronto
University of California, Berkeley
Doctoral advisorRichard Melrose

Maciej Zworski FRSC is a Polish, Canadian mathematician, currently a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. His mathematical interests include microlocal analysis, scattering theory, and partial differential equations.

He was an invited speaker at International Congress of Mathematicians in Beijing in 2002 .[3][4]

Selected publications[edit]


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  • with Richard Melrose and Antônio Sá Barreto: Semi-linear diffraction of conormal waves, Astérisque, vol. 240, Societé Mathématique de France, 1996 abstract
  • Semiclassical analysis, American Mathematical Society 2012[5]
  • as editor with Plamen Stefanov and András Vasy: Inverse Problems and Applications. Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 615. American Mathematical Society. 2014. ISBN 9781470410797.


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