Macintosh IIvi

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Macintosh IIvi
Macintosh IIvi.jpg
Release date October 19, 1992 (1992-10-19)
Introductory price US$3,000 (equivalent to $5,120 in 2016)
Discontinued February 10, 1993 (1993-02-10)
Operating system System 7.1
CPU Motorola 68030 @ 16 MHz
Memory 4 MB, expandable to 68 MiB (80 ns 30-pin SIMM)

The Macintosh IIvi is a short-lived model of the Macintosh II series of Macintosh computers from Apple Computer. The IIvi included either a 40, 160 or 400 MB hard drive, three NuBus slots and a PDS. The IIvi was essentially a Macintosh IIvx with a slower processor (16 MHz vs. 32 MHz) and no floating point unit. The Macintosh Performa 600 is essentially a IIvi with the IIvx's 32 MHz CPU. The IIvi was, on some benchmarks, faster than the crippled IIvx.

The Performa 600 was featured in the 1994 Disney movie Blank Check.

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