Macintosh Quadra 700

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Macintosh Quadra 700
Macintosh Quadra 700.png
Release date October 21, 1991 (1991-10-21)
Introductory price US$5,700 (equivalent to $10,023 in 2016)
Discontinued March 15, 1993 (1993-03-15)
Operating system System 7.0.1–System 7.1.2, System 7.5–Mac OS 8.1 or, with PowerPC upgrade, Mac OS 9.1
CPU Motorola 68040 @ 25 MHz
Memory 4 MiB, expandable to 68 MiB (80 ns 30-pin SIMM)
Predecessor Macintosh IIci
Successor Macintosh Quadra 800
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The Macintosh Quadra 700 is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer from October 1991 to March 1993. It was introduced alongside the Quadra 900 as the first computers in the Quadra series using Motorola 68040 processor.[1]


The Quadra 700 case was the same form-factor as the popular Macintosh IIcx and Macintosh IIci models, offering users of those models the opportunity to upgrade to the more powerful Quadra 700. Users sometimes placed the older case vertically in a minitower orientation and the Quadra 700 recognized this by having the Apple logo and model name printed in the vertical orientation. The IIcx and IIci were designed to allow their rubber feet to be moved to the side for vertical orientation as well.

The Quadra 700 could be upgraded to 68 megabytes of RAM, which with its 25 MHz processor made it a very useful computer for scientific or design work. It was also a prime candidate for processor upgrade when the PowerPC 601 accelerator cards came along in 1994. Like the IIci it had integrated graphics built into the system board but, unlike the earlier model, the 700 used dedicated VRAM for its video memory[2]

The onboard video came with 512 kilobytes VRAM soldered to the motherboard, and supported resolutions up to 1152x870. The video memory was expandable to 2 megabytes via 6 256-kilobyte 100 nS VRAM SIMMs in each of VRAM SIMM expansion slots on the motherboard. Expanding the video memory to 2 megabytes allowed for 24-bit (Millions) color at resolutions up to 832x624.

The sound was 8-bit stereo. I/O was available with dual serial ports, an AAUI ethernet port, mic in, and a DB-25 SCSI connector. Expansion was available via two Nubus slots and a PDS slot. This is one of the two earliest models that are able to run Mac OS 8, along with the Macintosh Quadra 900.

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