Macintosh Quadra 800

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Macintosh Quadra 800
Apple mac quadra 800.jpg
Release date February 10, 1993
Introductory price $4700
Discontinued March 14, 1994
Operating system System 7.1-System 7.1.1, System 7.1.2-Mac OS 8.1, or with PowerPC upgrade, Mac OS 9.1
CPU Motorola 68040 @ 33 MHz
Memory 8 MB, expandable to 136 MB (60 ns 72-pin SIMM)

The Macintosh Quadra 800 (Codenames: "Fridge", "Wombat 33", also sold with bundled server software as the Apple Workgroup Server 80) is a personal computer that is a part of Apple Computer's Quadra series of Macintosh computers.

Introduced in February 1993 alongside the first Macintosh Centris models, it was the first totally new Quadra model since the original Quadras, the 700 and the 900 / 950. It was positioned below the 950 (and the previous midrange Quadra, the 700, was discontinued shortly after the 800's introduction). Debuting at half the price of the 950, the 800 featured the same Motorola 68040 33 MHz processor as the 950 but its additional interleaved RAM, as well as an enhanced video system and SCSI bus, enabled it to outperform the 950.

However, its tower case was smaller and much less accessible, giving it the reputation of being one of Apple's worst cases of all time.[1] The Quadra 800 was later joined by an outwardly similar model, the Macintosh Quadra 840AV, and was discontinued in March 1994 in favor of its Power Macintosh replacement, the Power Macintosh 8100, which used the same case. The case was further used for the 8100's successor, the Power Macintosh 8500, and in a highly modified and much taller variant for the Power Macintosh 9500.


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Preceded by
Macintosh Quadra 700
Macintosh Quadra 800
February 1993
Succeeded by
Macintosh Quadra 840AV
Power Macintosh 8100