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Roy & Roger.jpg
From the left Jan Rippe as Roger, and Anders Eriksson as Roy, at Louis De Geer, in Norrköping, 13 March 2015.
Also known as Macken – Roy's & Roger's Bilservice
Macken – TV-serien på scen
Genre Comedy
Written by Claes Eriksson
Directed by Claes Eriksson
PA Norell
Composer(s) Claes Eriksson
Knut Agnred
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
Producer(s) PA Norell
Production company(s) Kulturtuben
Original network SVT
Original release 23 August (1986-08-23) – 27 September 1986 (1986-09-27)
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Original Macken episodes, at Öppet arkiv

Macken (Swedish slang for The Filling Station) was a Swedish six-part musical sitcom that ran on SVT in 1986.[1] It was produced by Galenskaparna och After Shave and was a major breakthrough for the group. Some of the songs from the show became hits on Svensktoppen and a film, Macken – Roy's & Roger's Bilservice, was made in 1990.

In 2016 the original TV show was adapted to a play, Macken – TV-serien på scen, which, as of 2018, is still touring the country, largely with the original cast. The script is almost identical to the original television screenplay.

The programmes were build up from a series of sketches, sometimes with comedy or satirical elements.


The story centres around the two brothers Roy and Roger who own a small car garage and adjoining self-service petrol station, with associated shop, in Västergötland (the show was shot in Vara).

The bulk of the show involves the eccentric customers that the pair have to deal with. There are also three subplots, where the local authority wants to demolish the garage to build a new motorway; where an annoyed customer keeps returning to collect his white Opel, after a service, but Roy and Roger are unable to find the car; and where a very timid, beige-clothed man keeps parking his blue Volvo 240 outside the garage, much to Roy’s annoyance, but is too nervous to ever actually approach Roy or Roger.


The show was shot completely in the studio with no exterior shots. The setting never moves from the interior of the station and aside from a small glimpse when Roy opens the backdoor you never see how the outside looks.


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