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This is a list of some of the major characters that appear (or have appeared) in the soap opera Another World from May 4, 1964, to June 25, 1999.


Tom Albini
Played by Pierrino Mascorino, 1970-1971
Wayne Addison
Played by Edmund Hashim, 1969 and Robert Milli, 1969-1970
Kevin Anderson
Played by James Goodwin, 1991-1993


Brian Bancroft
Played by Paul Stevens, 1977–1985
Ted Bancroft
Played by Eric Roberts (1977), Richard Backus (1979) and Luke Reilly (1983-1984)
Greg Barnard
Played by Ned Schmidtke (1977–1978)
Reena Bellman Cook
Played by Carla Borelli, 1979-1980
Dr. Taylor Benson
Played by Christine Andreas, 1990-1991
Mitch Blake
Played by William Gray Espy, 1979-1982, 1986-1990
Cindy Brooke
Played by Kim Rhodes, 1996-1999
Antoinette "Toni" Burrell
Played by Rhonda Ross Kendrick, March 19, 1997 - June 25, 1999
A police officer. Engaged to Chris Madison. Daughter of Etta Mae Burrell and her late husband, Harold. Has three other siblings: Judy, Edmund and K.C.
Etta Mae Burrell
Played by Elain R. Graham, August 3, 1996 - June 25, 1999
Owner of the Lucky Lady. Was married to Harold Burrell. Mother of five children: Judy, Edmund, Toni and K.C. Burrell.
Kineisha "K.C." Burrell
Played by Persia White, May 25, 1999 to June 25, 1999
Reporter. Attending Harvard University in the fall of 1999. Youngest child of Etta Mae Burrell and her late husband, Harold Burrell. She has three older siblings: Judy, Edmund and Toni.
Judy Burrell
Played by Darlene Love, 1993; Saundra McClain, 1993-1995; Kim Sykes, 1995-1996


Joe Carlino
Played by Joseph Barbara, 1995-1999
Paulina Cory Carlino
Played by Cali Timmins, 1990-1991; Judi Evans Luciano, 1991-1999
Sofia Carlino
Played by Dahlia Salem, 1995-1998
Tony Carlisle
Played by John H Brennan, 1986-1987
Bridget Connell
Played by Barbara Berjer, 1985-1996
Iris Carrington
Played by Beverlee McKinsey, 1972-1980 ; Carmen Duncan, 1988-1994
Adam Cory
Played by Ed Fry, 1986-1988, 1989
Sandy Cory
Played by Christopher Rich, 1981-1985; Stephen Bogardus, 1993
Blaine Ewing Cory
Played by Laura Malone, 1978-1984 Judy Dewey, 1984-1985
Mac Cory
Played by Robert Emhardt, 1973-1974 Douglass Watson, 1974-1989
Maggie Cory
Played by Robyn Griggs, 1993-1995; Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, 1995; Lisa Brenner, 1995-1996
Matthew Cory
Played by Daniel Dale, 1986-1987; Played by Matt Crane, 1988-1997, 1998-1999; Brian Krause, 1997-1998; Jeff Phillips, 1998
Neal Cory
Played by Robert Lupone, 1985-1986
Rachel Cory Hutchins
Played by Robin Strasser, 1967-1971, 1972, Maggie Impert 1971-72, Victoria Wyndham, 1972-1999
Walter Curtin
Played by Val Dufour, 1967-1972


Derek Dane
Played by Kevin Carrigan, 1989-1990
Lenore Curtin Delaney
Played by Judith Barcroft, 1966-1971 ; Susan Sullivan, 1971-1976
Robert Delaney
Played by Nicolas Coster, 1970, 1972-1976, 1980, 1989)
Cecile DePoulignac
Played by Susan Keith, 1979-1981; Nancy Frangione, 1981-1984, 1986, 1989, 1993, 1995-1996
Elena DePoulignac
Played by Christina Pickles, 1977-1979; Maeve McGuire, 1982-1983
Lorna Devon
Played by Alicia Coppola, 1991-1994; Robin Christopher, 1994-1997
Meredith Dunston
Played by Joan Rivers, 1997
Justine Duvalier
Played by Victoria Wyndham, 1995


Julie Ann Edwards
Played by Tara Wilson,[1][2] 1986-1990
Zack Edwards
Played by James Pickens, Jr., 1986-1990
Catlin Ewing
Played by Thomas Ian Griffith, 1984-1987
Clarice Ewing
Played by Gail Brown, 1975-1986, 1989, 1993
Cory Ewing
Played by Carmine Rizzo, 1977-1985
Jeanne Ewing
Played by Melissa Luciano, 1982- 1985
Larry Ewing
Played by Rick Porter, 1978-1986, 1989
Sally Ewing
Played by Cathy Greene, 1975–1977; Julie Philips, 1979-1980; Jennifer Runyon, 1981–1983; Dawn Benz, 1983; Mary Page Keller, 1983–1985; Taylor Miller, 1985–1986


Danny Fargo
Played by Antony Ponzini, 1966-1967
Alexandra "Alli" Fowler
Played by Lindsay Lohan, 1996-1997; Alicia Leigh Willis, 1998-1999
Loretta Fowler
Played by Rosemary Murphy, 1988
Sam Fowler
Played by Robert Kelker-Kelly, 1987-1990; Thomas Gibson, 1990; Danny Markel, 1990-1991; Brian Lane Green, 1991-1993
Alice Frame
Played by Jacqueline Courtney, 1964-1975, 1984-1985, 1989; Susan Harney, 1975-1979; Wesley Ann Pfenning, 1979; Vana Tribbey, 1981; Linda Borgeson 1981-1982
Dean Frame
Played by Ricky Paull Goldin, 1990-1993, 1995, 1998
Evan Frame
Played by Charles Grant, 1988-1990; Eric Scott Woods, 1994-1995
Frankie Frame
Played by Alice Barrett, 1989-1996; 1999
Gwen Frame
Played by Dorothy Lyman, 1976-1980, 1989
Jamie Frame
Played by Richard Bekins, 1979–1983; Stephen Yates, 1983–1985; Laurence Lau, 1986-1990; Russell Todd, 1990-1993
Janice Frame
Played by Victoria Thompson, 1972-1974; Christine Jones, 1978-1980; 1989
Jason Frame
Played by Chris Robinson, 1987-1989
Steve Frame
Played by George Reinholt, 1968-1975, 1989; David Canary, 1981-1983
Steven Frame
Played by John Nash, 1989-1994; Christopher Conroy, 1994-1995; Spencer Treat Clark, 1995-1997, 1998-1999; Michael Angarano, 1998; Jimmy McQuaid, 1998
Vince Frame
Played by Jay Morran, 1978-1979
Willis Frame
Played by John Fitzpatrick, 1975-1976, Leon Russom, 1976-1980


Felicia Gallant
Played by Linda Dano, 1982-1999
Brett Gardener
Played by Colleen Dion, 1992-1994
Dr. David Gilchrist
Played by David Ackroyd, 1974-1977
Louise Goddard
Played by Anne Meacham, 1972-1982
Ray Gordon
Played by Ted Shackelford, 1975-1976; Gary Carpenter, 1977


Marianne Halloway
Played by Ariane Muenker 1975-1977; Adrienne Wallace, 1977-1979; Beth Collins, 1980-1982
Rick Halloway
Played by Tony Cummings, 1980-1982
Quinn Harding
Played by Petronia Paley, 1981-1987
Grant Harrison
Played by Dack Rambo, 1990-1991; Mark Pinter, 1991-1999
Kelsey Harrison
Played by Kaitlin Hopkins, 1992-1994
Kirkland Harrison
Played by Austin and Evan Tennenbaum, 1994-1995; Ryan and Kyle Pepi, 1995; Connor Rademaker, 1995-1996; Sean Rademaker, 1996-1999
Ruth Harrison
Played by Cynthia Harris, 1992; Tanny McDonald, 1993
Ryan Harrison
Played by Paul Michael Valley, 1990-1995
Spencer Harrison
Played by David Hedison, 1991-1995
Ada Hobson
Played by Constance Ford, 1967-1992
Charley Hobson
Played by Fred J. Scollay, 1977-1980
Denny Hobson
Played by James Horan, 1981-1982
Leigh Hobson
Played by Christopher Knight, 1980-1981
Greg Houston
Played by Christopher Cousins, 1986
Clara Hudson
Played by Scotty Bloch, 1987 (two episodes); Kate Wilkinson, 1987–1989; Peg Small, 1995
Donna Hudson
Played by Anna Stuart, 1983-1986, 1989-1999; Philece Sampler, 1987-1989; Sofia Landon Geier, 1991, 1993
Gregory Hudson
Played by Alex Bowen, 1996; Christopher Marquette, 1996-1997
John Hudson
Played by David Forsyth, 1987-1997
Marley Hudson
Played by Ellen Wheeler, 1984-1986, 1998-1999; Anne Heche, 1987-1989, 1990-1991; Jensen Buchanan, 1991-1994, 1997-1998
Michael Hudson
Played by Kale Browne, 1986-1992, 1995-1998
Nick Hudson
Played by Justin Chambers, 1995; Kevin McClatchy, 1995-1996; Mark Mortimer, 1996-1999
Sharlene Hudson
Played by Laurie Heineman, 1975-1977; Anna Kathryn Holbrook, 1988-1991, 1993-1997, 1999
Carl Hutchins
Played by Charles Keating, 1983-1986, 1991, 1992, 1993-1998, 1999
Perry Hutchins
Played by David Oliver, 1983-1985


Ken Jordan
Played by Lewis Arlt, 1990-1991


Sylvie Kosloff
Played by Leora Dana, 1978-1979


Scott LaSalle
Played by Hank Cheyne, 1986-1988
Reuben Lawrence
Played by Clayton Prince, 1988-1990
Veronica "Ronnie" Lawrence
Played by B.J. Jefferson, 1989-1990 Rhonda Jensen,(1986-1987)
Rose Livingston
Played by Ann Flood, 1987
Nicole Love
Played by Kim Morgan Greene, 1983-1984; Lauri Landry, 1986-1987; Anne Marie Howard, 1987-1989)
Peter Love
Played by John Hutton, 1982-1984, Christopher Holder, 1985; Marcus Smythe, 1985-1987
Reginald Love
Played by John Considine, 1986-1988
Sam Lucas
Played by Jordan Charney, 1967-1970, 1973-1974
Played by John Aprea, 1989-1992


Chris Madison
Played by Eric Morgan Stuart, 1996-1999
Drew Marsten
Played by Denny Albee, 1988
Lily Mason
Played by Jackée Harry, 1983-1986
Bill Matthews
Played by Joseph Gallison, 1964-1969
Grandma Matthews
Played by Vera Allen, 1964
Janet Matthews
Played by Liza Chapman, 1964-1966
Jim Matthews
Played by John Beal, 1964; Leon Janney, 1964 ; Shepperd Strudwick, 1964–1969; Hugh Marlowe, 1969-1982
Liz Matthews
Played by Sarah Cunningham, 1964; Audra Lindley, 1964-1969; Nancy Wickwire, 1969-1971; Irene Dailey, 1974-1986, 1987-1994
Mary Matthews
Played by Virginia Dwyer, 1964-1975
Olivia Matthews
Played by Allison Hossack, 1989-1992
Dr. Russ Matthews
Played by Joey Trent, 1964, 1965; Sam Groom, 1966-1971; David Bailey, 1973-1978; 1979-1981; 1989; 1992
Burt McGowan
Played by William Russ, 1977-1978
Gil McGowan
Played by Dolph Sweet, 1972-1977
Nancy McGowan
Played by Jane Cameron, 1984-1987
Tim McGowan
Played by Christopher Allport, 1973-1974
Ben McKinnon
Played by Richard Steen, 1984-1985
Cheryl McKinnon
Played by Kristen Marie, 1986-1988
Jake McKinnon
Played by Tom Eplin, 1985-1986, 1988-1999; Ian Boyd, 1998 {flashbacks}
Kathleen McKinnon
Played by Julie Osburn, 1984-1986, 1989, 1991
M.J. McKinnon
Played by Kathleen Layman, 1984-1986; Sally Spencer, 1986-1987
Mary McKinnon
Played by Denise Alexander, 1986-1989
Vicky McKinnon
Played by Ellen Wheeler, 1985-1986; Rhonda Lewin, 1986-1987; Anne Heche, 1987-1991; Jensen Buchanan, 1991-1999
Vince McKinnon
Played by Jack Ryland, 1984-1985; Duke Stroud, 1986; Robert Hogan, 1987-1989, 1991
Tyrone Montgomery
Played by Henry Simmons, 1997-1999
Hannah Moore
Played by Jennifer Lien, 1991-1992
Sara Montaigne, (1986-1987)
Played by Missy Hughes


Alexander Nikos
Played by John Aprea, 1997-1998
Jenna Norris
Played by Alla Korot, 1990-1993


Emma Ordway
Played by Beverlee McKinsey, 1972; Tresa Hughes, 1975-76; Elizabeth Ashley, 1990


Joey Perrini
Played by Paul Perri, 1978; Ray Liotta, 1978-1981
Brittany Peterson
Played by Sharon Gabet, 1985-1987
Byron Pierce
Played by Mitch Longley, 1991-1992


Ian Rain
Played by Julian McMahon, 1993-1995
Lee Randolph
Played by Gaye Huston, 1964-1967; Barbara Rodell, 1967-1969
John Randolph
Played by Michael M. Ryan, 1964-1979
Michael Randolph
Played by Christopher J. Brown, 1974-1975; Lionel Johnston, 1975-1979
Olive Randolph
Played by Jennifer Leak, 1976-1979
Pat Matthews Randolph
Played by Susan Trustman, 1964-1967, Beverly Penberthy, 1967-1982: 1989
Tomas Rivera
Played by Diego Serrano, 1994-1997
Lila Roberts
Played by Lisa Peluso, 1997-1999
Shane Roberts
Played by Robert Kelker-Kelly, 1996-1998
Chad Rollo
Played by Richard Burgi, 1986-1988
Dawn Rollo
Played by Barbara Bush, 1987-1988


Dan Shearer
Played by John Cunningham, 1970-1971; Brian Murray, 1978-1979
Julia Shearer
Played by Kyra Sedgwick, 1982-1983 ; Jonna Lee, 1983 ; Faith Ford, 1983-1984
Susan Shearer
Played by Fran Sharon, 1964 ; Lynn Milgrim, 1978-1980, 1982
Amanda Sinclair
Played by Nicole Catalanotto, 1978-81; Dana Klaboe, 1981-86; Sandra Ferguson, 1987-1993, 1998-1999; Christine Tucci, 1993-1995; Laura Moss, 1996-1998
Cameron Sincair
Played by Michael Rodrick, 1998-1999
Gary Sinclair
Played by Timothy Gibbs, 1995-1998; John Littlefield, 1998-1999
Josie Sinclair
Played by Alexandra Wilson, 1988-1991; Amy Carlson, 1993-1998; Nadine Stenovitch, 1998-1999
Caroline Stafford
Played by Joy Bell, 1988-1991
Rich Stevens
Played by himself, 1987-1989


David Thatcher
Played by Lewis Arlt, 1983-1984
Kevin Thatcher
Played by Trevor Richard, 1983-1986
Grant Todd
Played by John Dewey Carter, 1984-1985




Played by Brent Collins, 1984-1988
Maisie Watkins
Played by Patricia Hodges, 1983-1987
Dennis Wheeler
Played by Mike Hammett, 1972-1978; Jim Poyner, 1978-1980; Chris Bruno, 1991-1993
Iris Wheeler
Played by Beverlee McKinsey, 1972-1980; Carmen Duncan, 1988-1994
Cass Winthrop
Played by Stephen Schnetzer, 1982-1986, 1987-1999
Charlie Winthrop
Played by Lindsay Fabes, 1994-1995
Morgan Winthrop
Played by Grayson McCouch, 1993-1996
Stacey Winthrop
Played by Terry Davis, 1982-1984; Hilary Edson, 1989-1991



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