Macmillan Way West

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Macmillan Way West
Length102 mi (164 km)
LocationSomerset and Devon
TrailheadsCastle Cary/Barnstaple

The Macmillan Way West is a long-distance footpath in Somerset and Devon, England. It runs for 102 miles (164 km) from Castle Cary in Somerset to Barnstaple in Devon. It is one of the Macmillan Ways and connects with the main Macmillan Way at Castle Cary.

The path follows the valley of the River Cary to Somerton, then crosses the Somerset Levels to North Petherton. From Langport to a point near Westonzoyland the route coincides with the River Parrett Trail.

From North Petherton the path climbs the Quantock Hills, and follows the ridge of the hills for several miles, passing their highest point, Will's Neck. It descends through the village of Bicknoller, and then crosses low-level country to Williton and Dunster.

After passing the village of Wootton Courtenay it then climbs to Exmoor at its highest point, Dunkery Beacon. For the last 20 miles (32 km) to Barnstaple, the path follows the route of the Tarka Trail.

The path is waymarked from east to west, but not from west to east.

Route and points of interest[edit]

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Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Start 51°05′13″N 2°30′47″W / 51.087°N 2.513°W / 51.087; -2.513 (Start) ST641321 Castle Cary
Somerton 51°03′11″N 2°44′10″W / 51.053°N 2.736°W / 51.053; -2.736 (Somerton) ST485284 Somerton
Bow Bridge 51°02′10″N 2°50′06″W / 51.036°N 2.835°W / 51.036; -2.835 (Bow Bridge) ST415266 Langport
Monk's Leaze Clyce 51°02′53″N 2°50′38″W / 51.048°N 2.844°W / 51.048; -2.844 (Monk's Leaze Clyce) ST408280 Regulates flow into Sowy River
River Tone confluence 51°04′01″N 2°55′01″W / 51.067°N 2.917°W / 51.067; -2.917 (River Tone confluence) ST357302 Located at Burrowbridge
Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum 51°05′28″N 2°56′38″W / 51.091°N 2.944°W / 51.091; -2.944 (Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum) ST339328 Westonzoyland
North Petherton 51°05′31″N 3°01′08″W / 51.092°N 3.019°W / 51.092; -3.019 (North Petherton) ST287330 North Petherton
Highest point in Quantock Hills 51°06′32″N 3°11′35″W / 51.109°N 3.193°W / 51.109; -3.193 (Highest point of Quantock Hills) ST165351 Will's Neck
Connection with Coleridge Way 51°08′56″N 3°16′19″W / 51.149°N 3.272°W / 51.149; -3.272 (Coleridge Way) ST110396 Bicknoller
West Somerset Railway 51°09′50″N 3°18′29″W / 51.164°N 3.308°W / 51.164; -3.308 (West Somerset Railway) ST085414 Williton
Dunster Castle 51°10′55″N 3°26′42″W / 51.182°N 3.445°W / 51.182; -3.445 (Dunster Castle) SS990435 Dunster
Highest point on Exmoor 51°09′40″N 3°35′13″W / 51.161°N 3.587°W / 51.161; -3.587 (Highest point on Exmoor) SS891415 Dunkery Beacon
End 51°04′55″N 4°02′53″W / 51.082°N 4.048°W / 51.082; -4.048 (End) SS565334 Barnstaple


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